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  1. So ED, I would say it is time to give us an update of the current status Is it still plant and when get we any infos? Not harder...more realistic Oh I didnt know. Sounds interesting. Why was it removed?
  2. Hallo together, is it planned to rework the air to air refuling, so that the basket/cable gets a real physik and collision system?
  3. Hallo together, I have a question to the inlet ramps. In which situation should I stow them? Is there a scenario at all where it is usefull?
  4. Hallo Golo, so it is a bug, or not? I checked it again. Nevertheless in which position the switch is, the fuel feed is always the same.
  5. Thank you for your Feedback. Very interesting! I could ask tons of other questions
  6. Thank you for your answer, Naquaii! Is it intented from HB to release a roadmap of planned system implementations in the next time? What I dont understand is, if only the ARC-182 can use DF, for what is the ADF function on the -159?
  7. Other things which would be great if they got implemented are the ADF function of the ARC-159 or an overheating of the systems when the air source is set to off. I know things like these are not so spectaculate like a new plane but in my opinion they would give the F-14 even more depth and are also important.
  8. Hello guys, first I want to say I m excited by the F14. It is a awesome module. It is so detailled simulated and makes a lot of fun to fly. I know the next big steps for you guys at Heatblure is to implement the other F-14A modells. But what would interest me is, what is with the "small" things? Is it planned to introduce the OBC or other things from the Master Test Panel like the EMERG GEN Test? And do you want to implement the curcuit breakers?
  9. The fuel feed switch dont work. No matter which position is selected, the engines get always fuel from all tanks.
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