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  1. Thanks for the info guys. Been flying the SU 25 training missions the last few days having a blast. J
  2. I hope I ask this right. When purchasing and installing mods can they be downloaded to a computer that does not have DCS installed and then transfered to the one that does. For large downloads I go to town with my laptop and use the wifi at the library so I don't hit my data cap at home. Thanks Justin
  3. I'm on a us cellular wireless internet I live out in the sticks. What I would like to do is go to a free wifi spot in town download DCS setup to a laptop and transfer this to my gaming computer later on. Didn't know if this would work or not for the initial setup. I'm limited to 150gig highspeed with my cellular service. We use it for tv with amazon fire plus my wife works from home for her employer and I dont want to hit our cap on data. She does a lot of video conferencing (zoom) Hope this makes sense. J
  4. 10 4 not buying any ram until get the system so I can pop it open and see. From the spec sheet I found online from Dell ecc ddr3 1333mhz. J
  5. This is what I have purchased so far this will be for single player only with track IR. I scrounged this off ebay Comp Refurb Dell workstation t3600,xeon 1650 3.2g proc, 16g ram that I will bump up to 32 or 64g, 1 TB sata drive with win10 pro 64, 635watt power supply,dvdr drive GPU replacing the gt440 with a MSI rx 550 4 gig OC Things to get SSD drive more ram and monitor. Already have the hotas and rudders and homebuilt track Ir. I know this is older stuff but I'm only in around 400 bucks but it way ahead of my falcon4 system I built 2002. I used to fly falcon4
  6. Hello everyone going to take the plunge and build a new computer system to fly DCS this spring. Used to be a member of the 388th VFS Falcon 4.0 Hangtime was are CO, flew quite a bit with them years ago. I'm going to assume that I wont be able to fly multiplayer being that I'm on a US cellular wireless internet service because I now live out in the sticks. I have the saitek hotas cant remember if its the x45 or52 plus rudder pedals also homemade track ir. I used to build my own gaming systems but I'm out of the loop anymore I don't need the latest and greatest. Any mid price range reco
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