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  1. Hi Im thinking about buying a WWII flying machine and I dont know which one to pick....but I would like it to be a German one.Id like something with a bit of a mix....good air to air and a good attack too. What are the easiest to learn to fly and operate.....take off,Nav,landing and so forte. Thanking you for your time and replys.
  2. Aww lads....thank you very much. I wasn't aware of the "west" latitude and that explains everything now. Nice one
  3. Hi.....Im having some issues inputting coordinates into the Viper in the NTTR map. I assumed that when entering in the east set of coordinates you drop the 0 from the front .... but its not working for me. If you have an east coordinate for example of E114.21.373......how exactly do you input this please ? Thanking you in advance for your replys.
  4. Hi....We are badly missing a decent Viper skin from Bahrain.....Anyone could do one it would be much appreciated.
  5. What happens if you get a radar on your RWR thats not in the list of tables....how do you lock that one up? I think its either an 18 or 19 thats not in the tables.....maybe another one or two as well.
  6. As we are on the subject of possible border clashs .....I thought Id throw on my oar. (1) Cold war front .....German-Czech-Poland area.....I think it would be one of everybodys favourites to be honest. (2)India-Pakistan-China border region.....An interesting area for of potential clashs. (2)Greece-Turkey.....Another favourite in my opinion. (4)North and South Korea..... Terrain much like Caucaus I expect. (5) Expand on the Channel map for future British/European wars ..... lmfao
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