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  1. I followed SR's advice and started WMR first, closed SteamVR (which opens with WMR), then start DCS. DCS restarts SteamVR and everything works normally. I am using the non-beta version of SteamVR.
  2. Thanks SR. I have the same problem using the non-beta version of SteamVR. This start-up procedure works for me until the issues get sorted out.
  3. Thanks guys! I created the autoexec.cfg file and added the disable track recordings entry. No change as far as shut down is concerned.
  4. I cannot find this file anywhere is saved games or in the DCS program folders. Do I need to create this?
  5. Did a little more testing. With the pagefile adjustments, DCS closes immediately from the menu screen. When a mission is loaded (I am using the same mission...F-18, Supercarrier, cold start, Persian Gulf) it then takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes to shut down from VR. Occasionally DCS will shut down immediately from VR with the same mission loaded (I hate intermittent problems!). Starting from a fresh computer boot does not seem to make a difference. I think there is a memory leak somewhere or the cache is not getting cleared. Still better now than without the pagefile adju
  6. Think you hit on the solution Flappie. I checked my page file size and it was showing none. I adjusted fixed pagefile min to 48000 (1.5x32GB) and max to 128000 (4x32GB) on my m.2 SSD. DCE starts faster and shuts down immediately, both in VR and 2D. Thanks!
  7. I have had the same issue since 2.7 update. Added 32GB RAM, deleted programs to make more space on my M.2 SSD, overclocked CPU, short/long repair of DCS, and cleaned up all background programs....no change. Long shutdown in VR and 2D. I did notice that after the first small update of DCS, post 2.7, the program shut down normally once, but then the bug returned. This leads me to believe it may be a core DCS problem.
  8. I did this same fix to install KB5001330. After Windows installed the update and it repeatedly reported I was up to date, I reconnected the headset. Windows now tries to re-download and install KB5001330. Think we are just going to have to wait for Microsoft to pull out its finger.
  9. I use the stock F/A-18 SuperCarrier Cold Start mission with the Persian Gulf terrain for my fps testing. I just sit in the cockpit and watch the computer performance as the two F/A-18s get catapulted off in front of me. I am planning on trying some CPU o/c today and see what I get.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I have been researching o/c the CPU. It has been many years since the last time I did it.
  11. I am using an i7-9700K at 3.5G. My RTX2070 is an 8Gb card o/c to 1620Mhz. FpsVR showing GPU load around 80% and CPU load at 20% (one of the reasons I have not o/c the CPU).
  12. Same here....no radio replies from ATC, AWACS, or air tanker shown on kneeboard. This started with 2.7 update.
  13. Same here. No ATC or Air refueling instructions being captured. Started with 2.7 update.
  14. I checked mine and it had not re-enabled. Registry entry is still there.
  15. No HCS packs for your pilot or Jester. Vaicom does have the option to mute your pilots voice (while still showing your response in the upper left corner. Somewhat similar to the HCS voice packs is VaicomPro's "chatter" function. This can be turned on or off via keyboard or just say "chatter". When it is turned on you will hear background radio chatter that is consistent with the mission you are flying (carrier ops, WWII, etc.). Flying solo missions it adds to the immersion.
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