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  1. I preordered PointCTRL as well (good to hear it works well) but I guess not everybody will.
  2. Hi, I guess the KU plays a vital part in operating the AH-64 (tap in radiofrequencies, NavPoints and what not). That may be no problem for the 2D Players as they can see their PC-Keyboard, but its a REAL pain in the butt for the VR Players. Please help us out here. I have no specific idea how to solve this. Maybe zoom in on the KU or voice entry or ... Regards Hawk
  3. Thats great Stuff! Thanks a lot! Is it ok if I link it on Facebook? Regarding the MFDs (MPDs) for VR Users I would recomend the pointCTRL mice. For 2D Users I would build the MPDs with a 3D printed Frame, Buttons and a Button Box - its not rocket science.
  4. I do agree that tweaking ground forces has nothing to do with the module directly. I still think prioritizing that task in the DCS context will enhance the module experience. This is related to all helicopters in DCS but I think specialy with the Apache this will be important for the overall value of the module.
  5. My suggestion would be to adapt/refine visual and sound awareness and reaction of Infantry, Armoured etc. specially in night time conditions. This will make Apache missions much more realistic and thus attractive for players and mission builders.
  6. Is the Disco-Light-Anti-IR Standard?
  7. Hey everybody, just wanted to point out that there is a new Facebook Group: "DCS AH-64 Apache" here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/813182775896426 We are well over 700 Members and everybody is welcome to join! Greetings "Hawk"
  8. @Viper1970 wow impressive! Thanks for the hints!
  9. Hi Mikhail, tryin to reach you by mail for some time. Can you please add me to the list as well? Destination would be Germany. Regards Hawk
  10. Question to @Avantar ond/or the community: How can you start RS Mapper with a certain mapping file? What exactly does "profile" do? Is there a way to use LWin/RWin as a modifier?
  11. Up till now I have used the BBI Boards by Leo Bodnar. I was very pleased with the BBI-32 but less with the -64 because the Test/Konfig-SW for the -64 wasn't as good. How do you use rotary encoders with the 57U or do other configurations? How do you test with the 57U? BTW I made a VR-Design for the big Apache MFPs - if you are interested?
  12. Wow - lots of projects. Impressive. The Pokeys 57U board looks interesting, do you have any experience with it?
  13. Question on the AH-64 MFDs - the black Buttons near the edges - are those simnple push buttons or seesaw push buttons or seesaw switches?
  14. HELP!!!! How do I extend the rope while hovering over soldiers e.g. in the woods? And what is F10 Radio Menue? F10 is the map right? And if I am not on the ground I cant open the "/" Radio-Menue. So I outed myselfe as stupid - pls help.
  15. Absolutely great tool - the only thing that works for me! Everything else is WAY to complicated and/or doesnt work at all. Shout out to @Avantar - thanks a lot for your effort! Regards Hawk
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