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  1. Hi there everyone. Having trimmed NVIDIA drivers for as long as I can remember, long ago I decided to make a utility to help make the modification and installation process more bearable. Only lately I decided to make it more presentable, hopefully making it usable by the general public. The app is pretty bare bones, and probably has bugs the size of rhinos, but I promise I'll work on it if it catches on and there's demand for improvements. Hope you find it useful. Any bug reports and/or suggestions are welcome. EDIT: Updated to version 0.10 v0.11 (2020/01/07) - Added support for FrameView SDK. v0.10 (2020/08/20) - Added support for new "Process and module monitoring driver" in 452.xx drivers. v0.9 (2020/08/06) - Implemented deletion of temporary folder. - Changed DPI scaling mode in hopes of getting rid of high DPI layout issue. v0.8 (2020/06/27) - Fixed warning on 451.48 drivers. - Upon being asked, finally got the nerve to add an oh-so-pretentious donations link. Sorry about that. - Inverted order of changelog to have the latest changes the most readily accessible. v0.7 (2019/06/16) - Fixed error when repackaging for users with spaces in Windows user name - Improved overall error handling v0.6 (2019/04/29) - Added support for new component in DCH drivers. - Other minor tweaks. v0.5 (2018/10/19) - Fixed crash affecting users with spaces in Windows user name. v0.4 (2018/09/30) - Added option to apply pending modifications when performing explicit install (missed it the last time) - Handled UnauthorizedAccessException when attempting to process developer drivers - UI changes v0.3 (2018/09/26) - Added option to apply pending modifications when repackaging - Better filename collision resolution when repackaging v0.2 (2018/09/23) - Added Repackage option - Implemented dependency checks - Added support for all modules in Windows 7 drivers - Updated some module names - UI changes v0.1 (2018/09/20) - Initial release Download
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