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  1. @Hiob I think you missed OP's point. It's not whether you get good in a sim or not - it's about the simulated flight model. Anyone can get used to the specifics of a simulation, which, if the simulation is not accurate, will never translate into a useful real world application of skills. It's also not about bashing the developers, it's simply a matter of constructive criticism coming from people with real life experience in aviation, who can actually judge whether the sim is authentic or not. Since I don't know if you have any real life experience in professional rotary aviation, I
  2. Amazing model and functionality! KUDOS! This model will come in handy, once ED finished the ECM feature of the hornet. Maybe we'll have basic electronic warfare capabilities for AI flights soon. *fingersCrossed*
  3. amazing work @T-Pap ! thank you for this and let ED know, that I bought the AV8B because of your mod
  4. if the creator accepts, it could be even put on github and being open sourced for the community to contribute/extend/improve like all the other awesome dcs mods
  5. I think this LCAC mod deserves it's own forum thread to get more visibility, with some instructions, maybe a changelog and in case it gets further improvements, a roadmap. What do you think @Hawkeye60 Otherwise, folks like me look at the OP and think this whole thing is dead since it's last update was in 2018 and totally miss out on the LCAC. /edit: I just tried out the mod for the first time - model looks LCAC model looks awesome. Slight problem tough ... the Hummer tries to embark the transport, but instead of doing so, it runs in circles around the LCAC and never really embarks.
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