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  1. Server disconnect 3.5.2021 https://1drv.ms/u/s!At6da_1u-CIDgq1rNQsLFZHcEKDvnw
  2. This happened to me also. When I first installed the Hawk I copy/pasted my activation key from my e-mail to the activation window using Ctrl + C /V and somehow it didn't paste it correctly. I re-installed and activated adding the activation code 'manually' and it's working now! By the way this plane is VERY nice :thumbup:
  3. First of all sorry for posting video in screenshot thread but I think video shows more... Here is clip from my crash landing after (too) low pass on a convoy. I don't know if this is fail or win but at least ctrl+e (x10) was on time :joystick:
  4. Great news! Looking forward for the Hawk
  5. Hello All and greetings from Finland! :) Yesterday I got last piece of hardware for my new cockpit! :) Setup with Warthog and Joyloc clamp master feels great to fly! I guess this christmas will be spent hands on throttle and stick lol :pilotfly: I would like to say BIG thanks to The Virtual Red Arrows for arranging this competition and great charity for The Jon Egging trust. Also would like to thank Thrustmaster and Joyloc for these wonderful pieces of hardware and The Fighter Collection for Flaming Cliffs 3 sim! Happy holidays to All! :thumbup: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  6. Thank You all :) With my luck I dont usually win anything so I'm very excited about this. Christmas really came early this year!:joystick: I wish all the best to Jon Eggings trust in the future!:thumbup:
  7. Donation made to The Jon Egging Trust Confirmation number: 8YM95636CE1584257
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