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  1. A curve of 15 on both axis works for me. Still a bit twitchy, but in a way that doesn't bother me and feels "right".
  2. In the rearming menu, you can select the type of ammo you want, no tracer bullets included
  3. Is it? I think it's a legitimate thing to say, the trials are supposed to be there for people to try the thing before buying.
  4. Would be great to have an option in the special settings to bypass the safety covers
  5. Trun on the UV light, a switch on the right electical panel, where you turn the nav lights on. It will energise and light up all the glow in the dark instruments, it's really cool.
  6. I'd honestly be happy with just an old school D or a V as an additional variant you can buy sometime down the road
  7. The Mi-8 carries the same pods, can only fire one calibre at a time, but it lags big time when the bullets hit the ground too
  8. If you're coming from the Ka-50, then all other helos will probably feel twitchy/unstable I found the Hind quite weird when it came to hovering, compared to all the other helos I flew both in DCS and in XPlane, but it took 2-3 flights to adjust. It all comes down to practice. I prefer no curves on the stick, but that's up to you. The Black Shark generally compensates for almost everything, and while the Hind has the AP channels, it's not nearly as extreme as it is in the Kamov.
  9. Never exceed 350kmh, you enter the retreating blade stall and it's very hard to recover. You need to be careful with these aggressive dives, especially if you're already coming it at high speed.
  10. Well, in hot air (especially at high altitudes where it's thin too), you need more power to stay up. More power - more torque - more right pedal needed. At some point, you're gonna run out of the rudder authority. Also, make sure you're doing this without the yaw stabiliser, I found that it's easy to run out of rudder authority even in -5 weather with that thing on in hover (after a flight, not right after takeoff, there it seems to work fine)
  11. Awesome, thank you!
  12. Hello, would it be possible to make the reticle in the front cockpit operable? Not only would it come quite useful for aiming the unguided weapons, it wouldn't feel that in your face as it kinda does when it's half folded away. Absolutely loving the Hind by the way, really really good launch!
  13. I'm sooo happy with it, thank you ED!
  14. That will definitely come in handy before getting used to the controls, thank you!
  15. Agreed, seems like he'll be plenty capable for start. It is a shame about the lack of the voice over though, especially after learning recently that there will be 2 separate Russian VAs for both seats. I'm still extremely excited for it though!
  16. He must be pretty upset, since he won't be speaking to us at launch, only sending text messages
  17. Yeah, but the OP asked if it's gonna be worth buying after the release, which probably means they're not planning to pre-order
  18. That's what I think too, it was a tutorial video after all. I do remember reading on the Discord that Petrovich should be getting his own video (if Wags finds enough time) Also (from Gierasimov in a different thread here):
  19. I think he simply just had one pod installed. We never got to see the right side of the aircraft, so I can't say for sure, but notice when he fires that the helo yaws slightly to the left too.
  20. Morrov

    Skins wishlist

    I'm sooo happy with the Ukrainian skin! Give me these crocodile eyes!
  21. I believe it means it will come with the Ukrainian one too, since it was supposedly in the video (I hope so at least), I guess we'll see. Not gonna post the sutff people put on Discord here (even though there isn't much at all lol) to avoid spoiling it for others
  22. https://discord.com/invite/eagledynamics Then just scroll up a bit in the rotary wing chat
  23. Yeah, they made it public and then privated it, saving it for tomorrow. Some people managed to take some screenshots from it (with a beautiful Ukrainian livery with croco eyes), you can see them on the Discord server
  24. Yeah, getting late in Europe, but the last few vids were around 19-20z or 21-22 CEST (from what I remember). There's still a chance we might get the pew pew vid today! EDIT: nope
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