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  1. Morrov

    Mi 24 manual

    Manual will probably be available when EA starts, so still a bit of waiting. About it being a good starter, well, it depends. Much like the Hip, it has autopilot stabilisation systems that make it easier to fly. It's also designed in a way that makes it fly in a very steady manner (almost like a fixed wing in forward flight, according to some pilots). Hover is difficult in all helos, so you'll have to get used that no matter which one you pick. It is big, heavy and fast though, with old school Russian avionics and typical Soviet way of creating aircraft: jamming all the pre-ex
  2. Morrov

    Skins wishlist

    I just need the eyes
  3. Hind will come with both English and Russian labels, just like the Hip. No idea about other modules, I'm yet to try them.
  4. True, though I'd kinda like him to have an "official" name, it gives it more character, you know?
  5. Yeah, it's possible that "Petrovich" is just the name of the AI, so whichever pilot is controlled by the AI, he becomes Petrovich. But I do think it would be cool to have Petrovich in the front, and someone else in the back, separate voice actors are already a great touch, might as well give the commander a name too
  6. Or is Petrovich basically the other pilot besides you, no matter which seat? I think it would be kind of cool if both of them had a different name, since they're getting 2 separate voice actors.
  7. Even better, 2 actors, with 2 different Russian accents! I wonder if the commander will have a name too, since he's getting his own VA.
  8. Yeah, all we know is that it goes into early access sometime in this quarter. So either tomorrow or at the end of June. If you know for sure that you're gonna get it, it's best to pre-order it now-ish so you don't miss the 30% discount.
  9. That's just a placeholder date as steam requires one, but they did say in one of the threads here here that it is their best estimate. Don't dwell on this date though, all subject to change.
  10. Interesting! Probably some sort of way to control what the AI commander does from the operator seat. The KA50's 3D model renders are great too (check them out in the screenshots section). Very much looking forward to the newsletter.
  11. Same, some people say it's true, others say it would just jam the whole thing. Would be nice to have some proper sources.
  12. The Hind is still not there in the module manager, you probably just need to wait for the EA release
  13. Same here. My hometown has a helicopter base that flies the Mi-24s (also mostly Ds as far as I know) amongst other things, so I always got to see them both on display and in the air for as long as I remember. The flight club I attend to today in my current city shares an airport with the military, they also fly Mi-24s (mostly V I think). Getting to know how the Hind works, getting to fly it and "experience" it for myself will be a dream come true, don't really care that it might not be super effective at this point, neither is the Mi-8 in combat scenarios and I still love it t
  14. As far as I'm aware, the fans (in the real choppers) are rubbery and squishy, not solid and plastic, would be hard to lose your fingers from that lol
  15. It is the swashplate follower thing, you can see the how the sound correlates with it's movement very clearly in this video. It's the same mechanism in the Mi-24, except it spins faster so the sound is more frequent, as you can see here. I love hearing the Hinds fly over my head, the chirping/whistling makes it super easy to identify them.
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