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  1. Thank you for your answer. I'm operating 2.7. version. I red a post on this thread about this problem of Rocket not taking-off or not even taxiing, and the workaround. My problem seems different. I made a third attempt. Waited for Rocket to taxi, and let him rolling at least 30 seconds. While he was taxiing, I started to taxi, and the mission terminated again while I was taxiing, not holding short, so "sooner". I mean not at the same point in space, but maybe the same point in time. I think maybe it was when the 2nd Mirage element started taxiing. Not sure. As I said, what is stra
  2. As I'm tired to be stuck in campaign progress (Mission 7 : 2 times on 3, nothing happens on WP2. Mission 8 : same but 100%) I copied all the MIZ files in the mission directory so I can choose any mission I want and I tried mission 9 twice. Both times, the mission ended when I hold short on 03L as fragged (pressed space). The simulation stopped and went automatically on debriefing panel which is something I never experienced before on DCS : usually, whatever happens, you have to press ESC + Quit. So I'm almost stuck on Mirage 2000 Red Flag campaign (I still can tr
  3. Same problem on 2.7. version 2.7.6430 (not the with last may 8th patch) Gyro drift disabled on (i.e. no gyro drift) Fast alignement I also noticed a slight difference in the scenario compared to this video below (time around 40:00) after the short in-flight briefing, mission commander tells to go on Chattermark1. In the video, the frequency is jammed with repeating "beeps", so MC tells to go on CM2 which is silent. In my case (tried the mission 3 times, stuck to WP2 3 times), there is a loudy white noise (not sure of the term)
  4. I did my first campaign on 2.5.6. stable DCS version and did not have this behavior. We launched lots of HARMs. I'm starting now a new campaign on 2.7. DCS version and I also have this problem. No radar SAM.
  5. Happened to me several times. Don't loose time while taxiing or take-off. If I taki to what I consider normal speed, if I really "Hold short" (wait for the tower authorization to step on the runway), if I'm a bit slow to take-off (check-list), my wingman bumps me and it's over. So taxiing and take-off is a bit stressfull : run you fool ! Maximum speed, no proper procedure, beware of your mad wingman. He's coming fast for you, on your 6 !
  6. I have a Reverb G2 too. I still find it not that easy. As you say, it should improve after more practice. I didn't manage to catch the digits readout at the top right : where is it ? Can you give a clue ?
  7. Full alignment is a pain in the *** in VR. Clicks are often uncertain, and last digits of coordinates don't show up. I left the Mirage a few months and start over, but on 2.7. and on VR. Difficult. In Red Flag campaign, mission 02 you have 9 minutes to start it all, including tchit tchats radio checks. Tried several times full alignement and failed. Succeeded once, but was a bit too late, so started to roll a few seconds before alignment complete, so the sentence was : no navigation (maybe in the panic, I forgot to switch the INS to nav) Until, thanks to Joj
  8. I wanted to start a new campaign with 2.7. (the former was finished). On mission 1 (show of force) I use F10 skip mission on the deck and I intend to take off excepting to get a campaign code to start stage 2. I get a script error when rolling. Did I miss anything ? Can't printscreen. Do I have to wait to take off to use F10 option ? Should I uninstall and reinstall the campaign ? How ?
  9. I started the campaign "Cage the bear" on 2.5.6. stable. I was on mission 3 "Cargo". I installed 2.7. When I complete the mission, the Green button on debrief panel "Mission quit" is stuck, so you have to close the window and you can't progress in the campaign.
  10. Thanks. The problem solved itself according to the first IT principle : "have you tried turn it off and on again ?"
  11. COMM2 is obviously assigned to a POV on my throtle. Noticed it did'nt function anymore on 2.7. On command panel : the line has a red exclamation dot sign. It doesn' seem to be a Throtle (warthog) problem since the POV RIGHT action is detected but trying to reset it, the exclamation dot stil remains.
  12. The way we stand on the deck with my AS (Artificial Stupidity) wingman, the most convinient would be I go on catapult 2 and he goes on catapult 1, so we can launch in a short separation of time. But the stubborn guy won't agree, and if I go on cat 2 he waits behind me, because he wants to go on cat 2 too. So I say OK, I'm CO, but to please you, I go on cat 1 so you can go on cat 2, despite the manouver is more tricky for me than for you, because you have more distance from the catapults, but it's OK. But if I do so : - He usually manages to launch before me and then we have a bu
  13. I'd like to be be able to get some information about the status of my wingmen or elements and have comms for that : Report fuel Report weapons They could also automatically tell "Winchester" They report "Bingo" (no "joker") but it seems that their bingo level is set to zero (in the Hornet), so they tell "ejecting" the second after "bingo".
  14. I also noticed a difficulty for the radar to maintain a lock. Losing the lock (before the AIM becomes autonomous) would increase those casualties. I also noticed difficulties to acquire a lock. A mig 29 right in front of my nose, 100% hot, less than 20 miles, appearing as a red diamond on my radar display, impossible to lock.
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