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  1. Thanks a lot to both of you....I really appreciate it... I may have to wait and get RTX3070 (has good value for money) or RTX3080 as well as getting more RAM... I will give you feedback if I decide; meanwhile, I will continue with my Hp 27" screen... Thanks folks!!! Extra330SC
  2. Thanks fab, The point is that I was told that the RTX2060 was at same level as 1080ti... Now I don no reallyknow if to go for it or i will be dissapinted...as I was told 2060 are VR Ready.. Regards
  3. Hi Raven, thakns for your feedback..... Are you referring to HP reveb 1, 2 or both for my system? If not i my have to change the graphics card.. When you refer to older, whih one would you recommend? Thanks Extra330SC
  4. Thanks a lot Thinder, I appreciate your response...sorry about your G2 gong back... From your experience, whcih would be a good FPS for VR? at what resolution? 1080p? Thanks again Extra330SC
  5. Hi everibody, This is Mike from Spain, who is trying to get into DCS world as I always loved Airplanes world. RC flight hobbiest since 30 years ago...:) Well, the point is that I am considering to get the HP reverb for DCS sim but do not know if my system will handle it with good or quite good resoluition and FPS. I own an MSI Intel Core i7 9700 16MB Ram with a Geforce RTX 2060 with 14294Mb of memory and 6144MB for dedicated video in base to specifications from Geforce . Here goes my doubt: Will it be powerfull enought for getting goo
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