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  1. dailey my man, hope all has been well. just started getting back up in the air in almost a year now. wanted to ask is the linked version the most recent id need for the current OB? Been getting things together this week. As always appreciate all you have done with this.
  2. I have zero zero complaints about my rift S in DCS. Anything I have had to deal with has been my own doing messing with settings or some updates causing some issues over others which seems to different person to person. I wish I could try other VR setups before I commit on my system. I know I can handle more but the how simple the Rift S is just will wait until the next big VR leap. I have no issues seeing targets within visual, or reading my guages/mfds.
  3. Thanks for the campaign brother. Appreciate your work and time giving me something to do during this mess all got going on.
  4. Need another set of eyes. Did a complete fresh install of everything when 2.5.6 came out. I deleted literally everything dcs, srs, va, via. have everything up and running but for some reason anytime VA/Viacom loaded and running I can not hear any responses on radio calls from AI. Tanker, atc, jtac ect..... I hear my voice but not theres. (My comms are fine). Soon as I exit even in game I hear it again. Only sound input/output i even have enabled is my steel series artic pro & game dac and its set as default throughout all programs.
  5. no i am not. just hsi is all thats needed
  6. Anyway to export the HSI to another SCREEN or REMOTE Device?
  7. Downloaded fresh install after issues from uodates last week. Everything up and running after new fresh and. Flew a mission. Transfer logbook over from my backup. Loaded a replay which i exited a minute in as i wanted to check to make sure i had tracks. Now everytime i go into the 3d world DCS freezes immediately. Doesnt crash or give a report. Just freezes and not responding. Load stable and works fine. No issues with hardware..... Blown away by this one. I even did anothsr fresh open beta install and same thing. Not sure how to get Open working again inless i have to whipe everything again..
  8. here is mine. dcs.log-20191023-011412.zip dcs.log-20200221-062924.zip
  9. Have done a fresh install too. This is what comes up once trying to load into main menu
  10. You still have it and looking to get rid of it. My RS FSSB R3 Lightning comes tomorrow night from them. I honestly forgot to add the TUSBA as I whipped out my old cougar as well to see if the throttle will come back to play for me. Let me know the details. Im going to grab it either way so figured Id ask you before I send RS another order and probably wait longer through them.. Tried to pm you but kept saying send again in 60secs even though i never hit send =\ Let me know either way
  11. Everytime I go to update this is what happens.
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