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  1. perhaps theres a new name in order for this thread "people complain about the lack of progress pictures"
  2. I have them an email and they Said they only sell to corporations and acquiring agents so they don't sell to private customers. Further more there's an NDA so they were un able to share details such as pricing or inputs etc
  3. yh but id still like see more pics of the moduel. i honestly cant wait for it
  4. ive had my thrustmaster warthog for just under a year now and ive had numoruse issues with it. this current one im having is a tension issue. i have the friction knob turned up to full but the left throttle feels like its only on half tension and the right throttle is on minimum tension. i can littarly move it with my pinky finger easily wilst its on the highest friction setting. is this normal? is there anyway i can fix it? or do i have to just contact TM support and get a new one?
  5. have you seen ED's latest video my freind
  6. GR1 you could re create missions from gulf war one. the gr4 would be great aswell as it has a more modern and sophisticated weapons suite.
  7. yes but that doesn't mean it can't carry out the low level role it can still do almost all of the things the gr1 could, and it gives people the opertunity to use paveways, brimstone, stormshadow etc
  8. It's probably going to be a fully functional version of the AI A-6 or Draken they're making. but lets keep pestering them to do a tornado and fingers crossed they'll do one in the future
  9. is it just me that thinks that Heatblur would do an amazing Tornado GR1? Think about it, they've already proved to the community that they can make an outstanding aircraft with; variable geometry wings a back seater i.e rio, WSO or Navigator With a compitent AI From the 70's/80's I'd really like a GR4 but thats probably still quite classified. idk what do you guys think?
  10. i'd like to think that HeatBlur would do a great job at a Tornado GR1. They've already shown that they can do an outstanding at twin seat swing wing fast jets from the 70's and 80's.
  11. Toga10


    like we've seen in the tomcat with the A/B models being released do you guys think its possible that in the future Razbam may release a RAF GR.7/GR.9 version of the Harrier? i personaly dont think its gonna happen but would be awsome to see.
  12. X Plane has it because its not a combat focused sim, quite alot of systems in most fast jets for xp11 arn't modeled. the purpose of fast jets in xp11 is so that civil aviation simmers can try out what its like to just fly these aircraft without learning about all of the weapon systems etc. the majority of the systems in xp11 fast jets are often just the Devs taking creative liberties to make an aircraft a little more indeapth.
  13. As we've seen in moduels sutch as the AV-8B devs can make a more fitting AI tanker model to go with the moduel (for example the kc-130 for the Harrier) are we likely to at somepoint see an AI voyager tanker to accompany the Typhoon later along the road after an early access release?
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