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  1. Ok, I was curious because I didn't see anything in the bugs lsit. Did something change between when Matt did his JDAM/L video (where it obviously worked) and now? Is this broken for everybody or just me?
  2. Screenshot link doesn't seem to work....https://imgur.com/v9tY5WG
  3. I have an issue with A-10C II where if I try to drop a GBU-38 or GBU-54 (with or without the laser firing) the solution offered by CCRP is bad. It doesn't want to drop the bomb until the aircraft is directly over the target SPI point. The DLZ box is basically empty. Any bombs dropped from the MAN REL point are way to far past the target and just go dumb. I set up a test mission and tried to use both GBU-38s and 54s onto some trucks at the center of the old airfield. Waypoint (target) and SPI is at the center of the airfield. You can see the time till in range for the bomb drop
  4. Nice job I haven't played it yet, but took a look through the ME... Nice campaign. No spoliers, but some of my own thoughts for your next update if any. I'd add some RU flights/SAM sites to the first couple of missions on their side of the border/international limits. You have to figure that they would be interested in showing the flag just as much as the blue side. Even if on a "low key" aspect. If they can force the Blue side off their game all the better. To a Hog pilot, the constant chirping in their ear of search radars will be an added touch of realism. "What have they go
  5. Still can't update... I still have a problem running "Update DCS World" I get the following error after attempting to update: If I look in my AppData\Local\Temp\DCS directory there is a new directory called called ab with a single 3KB file called abd73d7e36db38c6b9f0c928e3d57fc9dbd52e30ab674860239459da53d49691, but no e6 directory. 1. Deleting this directory and starting again did not fix anything. 2. Deleting/renaming C:\Users\Brian\Saved Games\DCS\autoupdate.cache caused the update to slow down when validating local files, but still generates the same error message. I'm
  6. I have the same problem. I haven't updated in forever. Is there a way to force the update and disregard anything thats in the temp directory? I can't seem to get it stop looking in that directory for a file that no longer exists.
  7. I was playing the SMERCH hunt mission and I could use some help. How can one slew the TGP (or other sensor) to a given UTM coordinate? Generically if given a UTM set of coordinates what can I do with this information? I would think it should be possible to create a MARK point at this coordinate location, then slew to that mark point in the TAD and designate it as the SPI. However, I can't seem for the life of me to figure out a way to do that. I've gone through the manual, including the CDU pages, but I don't find a relevant procedure. With JTAC the point is transmitted to your T
  8. Yes he'll know which computer and no there's not really a way around it. Other than using someone else's computer at your organization, and that deceptive move won't last long. He'll figure out what was being downloaded and won't take much to guess it was you.
  9. torrent link Torrent Link says not found. Too early to get this via Torrent?
  10. Check your axis mapping (in flight you can do CTL-ENTER). I had a similar experiences, and it was that my throttles had become mapped to my XY joystick axis. Full throttle on both throttles was a pitch down and to the left.
  11. That was it! Makes sense now, since when you run TrackIR as administrator all the game specific changes you may have made are gone. Obviously the profile changes are tracked on a per-user basis. And I don't run TrackIR usually as administrator. Thanks!
  12. I dont' have a Scroll Lock key ;) I tried using the "a" key since that doesn't seem to be mapped to anything. Still doesn't work in game. Works if i have TrackIR open, but not if I have the game open. The only way to have trackir open is if i run in windows mode What I don't understand is why I'm the only one that seems to have this problem?
  13. Yeah F12 is view static object or something. I've tried other keys though too. No dice.
  14. Yeah same problem. In window mode, I can recenter if I alt-tab out to the Track IR software, but F12 doesn't do anything in-game. Very annoying.
  15. Anybody having TrackIR problems with the beta? Tracking wise everything seems to work, but I can't get the "center" function on TrackIR to work if I'm in the cockpit. When i first materialize in the cockpit, my view is always offcenter and I have to hold my head in funny ways to get it "centered" in the cockpit. With BS and other games I can press the F12 key to get the TrackIR to treat my head position as the new "center", but with the beta that no longer works. I've remapped it to other key presses, but nothing seems to work. Also, I find that over time, the sensor seems to have
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