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  1. How do you do pricing because I have a ideal for a box that I might get you to build let me know thank you.
  2. Wow thats nuts of a deal I have a bad switch in my startup panel also thanks to my cat but it doesn't take long at all to replace them and you can get help from winwing if you need to help taking panel apart. You know how wiring can be tight and taken devices apart sometimes leads to a wire snapping so always take your time and be mind full
  3. For some reason it seems like you might need to reset the graphic settings where you saved graphic settings needs to be deleted and then you reset the display settings again after re launching the game. I have noticed a weird bug that does happen if you do not have your MFD's screens on when launching the game the game might not be on the screen at all but you can hear the music and sounds or it could be any where on any screen or number of screens at once, this could have happened your MFD's could have been disconnected and the issue you are having would happen and continue to happen. An I would advise switching to DCS Download and not use Steam Version I don't see why anyone would want the steam client running in background just my opinion, we already have other programs running like Track Ir, TacView, Voice attack, Viacom, hell many other apps that are used with DCS. Make sure you delete the saved Graphic settings yes you will have to set them up again, and make sure that your MFD's screens are Plugged in and being picked up by windows display settings or you will be repeating this process, seems to be a weird bug when splitting the display to multiple monitors maybe one day they will fix the display settings to have a setting for MFD's, Touch screens, and Multiple Monitors.
  4. How the FK you going to Pre Sale this plane then do a 50% off sale which is more saving's than Pre Sale which is suppose to get you the better price when purchasing but I am seeing the Mosquito being sold for $30 bucks this is bullshit when you charged PRE SALE $42 sorry but this is Wrong! Look I understand how a Sale works but the Mosquito hasn't been out that long to let those who didn't buy a Presale a Better deal to buy the Plane we need a refund of $12 USD in my opinion look at the fking J-17 has not once went below $55 this price so tell me hell even the Fking Pre Sale so please EXPLAIN! EAGLE DYNAMICS? Look not trying to knock any of you out of buying but this is Bullshit and I feel I have been taking advantage off and I am sure I am not the only fking one
  5. No we all just need to in Circle COSMO and get a nice sexy guide for must have key bindings and possible a full Guide similar to Chucks Guides
  6. Srry to see this happen, I am sure this is a complete screw up due to part of Fed Ex which I had also and part of WinWing's again they make a great product just right now there support sucks due to the language issues. By chance did you try reaching out to the USA side of sales https://fox2.wwsimstore.com/STORE here this guys amazing and gets shit done if you choose to try them again make your purchase or if anyone is looking to make a purchase get it from Fox might save you some issues down the road.
  7. Hello everyone would love to know what are the must have key bindings for the Mosquito. I would really like to know the most used switch's for the mosquito so I can set them up to there own switch's or buttons sense I have enough to do so but for love of it I have no clue what all needed besides the basic controls. So thank you to anyone who can give me insight or any helpful information here.
  8. Just a little advisement here but if you update to the new Windows your going to find some issue's very fast if you have not downloaded and install you may want to try and wait until they have major bugs worked out. Right now if your a AMD user you will loose 30% CPU off the rip no getting it back and will kill your performance in gaming and pretty much anything you want to use your pc for so just wait until they get the bugs and other problems worked out they will continue to offer the Free Upgrade so just hang in there until we get a better OS.
  9. O shit I didn't even get that reference to that game and me owning it also, not played it in a very long time. Good thing we getting this puppy now though lol.
  10. What exactly is this sir LB gents not 100% sure about the abbreviation. Ya I also need to drop a little cash and grab a new graphics card which will happen tax time I guess lol, I already spent enough on Joysticks and setup myself sure a lot of you in same boat maybe not as bad but if your playing a Sim you want the GEAR!!!! My Sim Pit Gear +++(more to come seems to never end lol) WinWing Takeoff panel and Combat Panels Well worth the PRICE GUYS, Winwing Taurus and Libra Upgrading to the Collective as well. Thrustmaster TPR pedals 2 x Thrustmaster MFD with 800x600 screens Buddy Fox Ufc and Ch Throttle Quad But none less you don't have to have this stuff but it just make you feel like your closer to being in a real Aircraft, after I get a GPU I do plan to get VR I keep hearing people say that I wouldn't use my panels as much but I don't think it will be that bad I know it will take time but I am sure if I lay the device in a way I will remember the location. But wish you all the best out there stay safe and keep that afterburner going.
  11. Make sure that your Graphics Drivers and Programs are still correct versions mine did similar thing the update had something to do with a Driver that deals with visuals on multiple screens after update the App used to control my graphic settings which is Amd Radeon software had changed versions never got notification that a this change took place which when I tried to play a game, the game would start and then crash I just did a reinstall of Graphics card drivers and fixed my issue not sure if this is the same case for you but something to check.
  12. Just heads up you get 50% of your first buy just make sure you use the Ad in the Main Menu after you load DCS the window shows news and other information. Just heads up!!
  13. Look under Weapons in the drop Tab in options will give you everything you need hope this helps, once you get the correct options opened for the aircraft click the tab move slider down until you see Weapons there you go. Helpful Hint: Do this why you are in a Free Flight in the Aircraft you want to adjust controls in this will automatically pick the correct aircraft settings tab.
  14. Guys you can do this build you selves all you need is a 7 inch or 8 inch screen depending on your preference the buttons are Thrustmaster Cougar Panels simple as it comes and the monitors can be gotten from Ebay. Now with that said he has made one nice mounting setup which is super nice I did like Cube sim and just did black box on back then screwed in Cougars to the front No disrespect to your sell here sir this is great price with the included mounts.
  15. Yep this is why I like using either Track Ir or even Vr just have to angle your head hell or you could push backspace I think it is and remove the Joystick visual for the time you need it.
  16. Just heads up for those who do not know there are Player based Downloadable Check list, Start Up Procedures, even on Knee Boards check them out in the Download section, There are some really nice ones but seems that not one for every Aircraft DCS has to offer thou you will just have to give it a look over.
  17. New World has destroyed a few Graphics cards the way its programed it over ramps everything for your graphics card. Know this is part of your problem hope you get it straightened out thou it seems like your not only one experiencing some type of Graphics issue at this point
  18. Shit when then said this and the Hind was coming I bought a K-51 collective and then turned around an bought the one from WinWing Still yet to use it but its coming I have it and TPR pedals setting waiting for upgrade after I get everything resized and built.
  19. Have you played New World any time lately? Slight joke.
  20. Think you me and a few hundred more feel some what the same
  21. I just did the pre order and used paypal no issues here Gents good luck
  22. From the way it reads Steams not loading so the Game wont load or if steam is loading go in Verify the files and should fix the issue
  23. if budget Ch pedals if your 400-500 mfg crosswinds 600 TM TPR pedals they be AMAZING
  24. Omg Check it out guys seen this and had to post it
  25. Ya man I am 100% sure they will take care of you like I said reach out to Fox at the Usa Site he can get in contact with someone at the China side and maybe get it worked out for you a little faster an Again I wish you the best of luck and good luck in the sky!
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