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  1. Thanks for letting me know! There was a change to F-16C steerpoints recently so they are no longer automatically at ground level. I submitted new files and this should be resolved in the next update. I believe it only affected mission 1 and 9. Oops, I must have mis-clicked while moving static objects around recently. I will get that squared away. For now, this shouldn't affect the mission outcome at all other than looking bad.
  2. Yes indeed. I tried to plan ahead and include coordinates in the correct format in the briefings. I'll need to verify that though. One pass on all four DMPIs should be fun. I am wrapping up another project for the next few weeks but I can't wait to return to this and try it.
  3. Thanks @draconus. The weather will not be drastically different but there are a lot of details added to make the missions more user friendly. You can skip to mission 5 by exiting the first four missions after mission start if you would like. You will get credit for completing them and be able to move on no matter what.
  4. I am so sorry about that. Here are the files: F-15C Red Flag 16-2 Documents It looks like this happened on the original release as well. The cause has been identified and fixed so all should be well in the next update.
  5. Hi LordOrion, I agree, that is a little too tough. Mission 7 is the only one that did not do well with the new weather. I have submitted updated files for all missions so hopefully it will be available in the next update after today's. When we get JDAMs with INS/GPS guidance, that would be an interesting mission though. The most game-changing aspect of the new clouds isn't necessarily the visuals, it is that they extend over the entire map. The targets in all but the shortest 'instant action' style missions always had clear skies because no clouds were rendered that far away from the starting point. It is great that cloud cover set by the designer matters now.
  6. Thanks DS, these are all great points. I am constantly making tweaks to the missions and documents so I will see what I can do. I put a lot of thought into how to handle it and, if anything, I would have deactivated all AI flights as they approach Nellis. I think though, if you saw the amount of work that went into getting the AI flights to that point in the first place without flying into terrain, running out of fuel, aborting their attack, shooting themselves down, etc you would, a. question my sanity and b. understand why I said 'enough is enough - no more work-arounds' at this point in the mission. I know fixes are coming eventually so I do not want to spend a lot of time on custom ATC or anything like that. I am far more concerned with how well things go for both the player and strike package in the target area , and I hope it shows. I know recovery is a weak point in these missions (all DCS missions actually), but I have to take the developers at their word that AI improvements and the new ATC are coming. These are very long-standing and long-reported problems. I am the eternal optimist.
  7. Hi LooseSeal, I would be interested to hear ideas too. I always imagine an ideal world where these campaign forums are used by players for after action reports, tips, and discussion of techniques, but that seems rare sometimes. My own advice would be to use the AGM-65s in PRE mode. (See F-16C manual pg 274.) The target is at the steerpoint so the missiles should be right on target by default. You can use the little ridge east of the target for cover. Stay masked by the ridge until about 6nm from the target, pop-up, lock, and fire. You really only need to be un-masked for a few seconds. Aborting the attack is always an option if it takes longer to get a good lock. I would suggest leaving your flight in trail formation so they are not too close behind if you happen to miss. You are targeting the SA-10's tracking radar, so if all goes well, it will not be a factor anymore for your wingmen. If you do not hit the radar, I have always had good luck with the wingmen taking it out themselves with the 'engage mission and rejoin' radio command. (I will check it in the next big DCS update to see if anything has changed, although I have very little control over them if it has.) I would also start a pre-programmed countermeasures program to automatically pump out chaff every few seconds the entire time you are on the attack. (pg 290-293) If you are doing that and the SA-15 is off your wing at a reasonable distance, that SAM will not be a factor even if it fires as you egress. Of course, future work on the F-16, with ECM pods and better stand-off weapons will open up more possibilities. The AGM-88s being shot down is 100% as intended and exactly as expected. One SEAD flight without jamming support is not going to do much in this situation in the real world either. The AGM-88s are intended to draw fire away from the player's flight, and maybe get a lucky hit, nothing more. If the player is on time, the AGM-88s will coincide with their arrival, and will do enough. On the wingmen, I do not know what to say. If they fly into the ground or each other, that is unacceptable, but there is nothing I can do. I would love to hear how others went about this mission. This one, probably more than any others in the campaign, has no 'right' way to do it.
  8. Hi Rooster775, all navigation planning is done through the built-in mission planner. Your flight will be selected when you open it and steerpoints will be clearly visible. Your target, if one is pre-planned, is marked by a small triangle. I hope this helps. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi, I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, that is beyond my control. You might try reporting it under one of the general AI forums, although airfield operations have been a problem for as long as I can remember. There may be nothing that can be done.
  10. Feel free to check it out here: A lot of people seem to get the wrong idea about how it will perform from the large number of units they see on the map. Most units are set to activate later in the mission so it is practically a clean map until you leave your airfield. Only those units you fly close to activate at all. If these missions do not run well, then nothing will.
  11. Thanks a lot. Some others have reported disabling 'easy communications' in the gameplay options helps with that. It seems there is a DCS: World issue that somehow prevents the VHF radio from working with that option. I am afraid there is not much I can do.
  12. Oops... thanks Sydy. I just fixed the preset for mission 5. All others should be good on Channel 4.
  13. I am very sorry to hear that. I can say with absolute certainty the AI performed correctly 100% of the time when the missions were submitted. An absurd amount of time went into testing these. Anything is possible though. You might double check the fundamentals: 1. Give the command 'engage mission and rejoin' near or slightly before the IP (the steerpoint just before the target) 2. Transmit the command on COMM2 (VHF) Channel 1 It is also possible for your flight to defend itself if engaged by enemy aircraft after the command to attack is given. They will prioritize (quite correctly) enemy aircraft in some situations but complete the attack once the threat is gone. I think it is probably fine but will keep an eye out for more reports like this. I appreciate it.
  14. Sorry, but that is probably a DCS: World issue and there is nothing I can do to help. You might try disabling 'easy communications' under your gameplay options. I suspect the F-16C is not yet set up to work with that option enabled. If the menu selections remain greyed out after you leave the airfield that is probably the problem. I hope this helps.
  15. Hi, thanks a lot. I just tried it here and everything is working. All I can think of is to make sure you are transmitting on the COMM2 VHF radio to your flight using RCTRL \. I think that will fix it for you. Also, the flight is intended to start in trail formation on most of the air starts so they will not join up on your wing.
  16. Thanks very much for your interest in this campaign. Documents of any kind are notoriously difficult to find in DCS: World so I am glad to make those included with the campaign available here for download. Even if you do not own the campaign, these should give you a good idea of what to expect. The best place to start is the Campaign Guide. It includes background information on how the campaign is designed and an overview of the Red Flag exercises. Campaign Guide The Standard Operating Procedures include procedures applicable to all missions. Rather than repeat the information every time, it is all compiled there in one place. Standard Operating Procedures The Briefing Slides include information unique to each individual mission. These are identical in many ways to those used for the Mission Commander briefing held in the main auditorium before each Red Flag mission. These are also available on your kneeboard in flight. Mission 1 Briefing Mission 2 Briefing Mission 3 Briefing Mission 4 Briefing Mission 5 Briefing Mission 6 Briefing Mission 7 Briefing Mission 8 Briefing Mission 9 Briefing Mission 10 Briefing
  17. Thanks Martus, I appreciate it. Arco is set to 251 for some reason in the missions. Great catch. I am changing the frequency to 245 as it was intended. Yes indeed, the Nellis frequency should be 327. Channel 4 is correct but the frequency in the document is incorrect. The briefings will be updated. Thanks again!
  18. Yeah, this was one of the biggest challenges of the campaign. If I had it to do over again, I might have chosen to have the player lead the second section and follow the squadron leader around. I really wanted it to be a sandbox where the player leads the squadron and makes decisions based on the available data instead of a scripted experience though. One thing I learned is that you can not always stop one AI command and start another with the same trigger. That is why there are a lot of TIME SINCE FLAG (201, 1) triggers included. In other words, always stop the first command with one trigger and start the new command on the next trigger, 1 second later. I think (and may be wrong) 'SET' overrides any other action and causes them to rejoin immediately, while 'PUSH' allows them to complete the attack then rejoin. I believe it would work fine using 'PUSH' for all commands though.
  19. Hi Rolds, it is complicated to say the least. I really wish it were not necessary. You can see how it is set up in the sample missions like the ones here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=201236 Basically, the second flight's default behavior is 'follow'. Each F10 menu option commands a different behavior via "AI Task Push". The 'follow' behavior returns when specific criteria are met, like the player commanding rejoin, no targets are detected, or the AI flight is more than 5nm from the player. It works surprisingly well, all things considered.
  20. There should be a section in each briefing that explains it. It will read something like this: "The current front lines are marked in red on our planning maps and the bomb line is marked in yellow. Friendly aircraft are free to attack any target beyond the bomb line, but inside, targets are attacked only by special arrangement with local ground forces. The bomb line is delineated so far as practicable by well defined geographical features. In fluid situations involving the rapid advance of armored columns the bomb line may be placed from five to thirty-five miles in advance of known front-line positions. During static periods it is normally 500 yards from the current front."
  21. Hi JohnG, I am sorry to hear that. The sample files should work with version 2.5.5 but I would not be surprised if there are performance problems. The only versions I can vouch for at the moment are those with the 2.5.6 open beta. All missions were updated and re-tested last month. The samples are still technically current, but they are the old versions. The files for 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 are not compatible due to major changes to the Normandy map. Honestly, I would not recommend flying the campaign until the 2.5.6 open beta is stable and released. The Normandy map was updated by that developer to greatly increase performance. Things should be much better soon. Thanks a lot.
  22. Thanks for the report Lumberjack. This is due to a small airfield parking change that was made with last week's update. New missions will be included with the next update that fix this, hopefully this week.
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