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  1. Your video's introduced me to DCS so many years ago. Thank you. I'm glad to see you're still around.

  2. Yeah, this was one of the biggest challenges of the campaign. If I had it to do over again, I might have chosen to have the player lead the second section and follow the squadron leader around. I really wanted it to be a sandbox where the player leads the squadron and makes decisions based on the available data instead of a scripted experience though. One thing I learned is that you can not always stop one AI command and start another with the same trigger. That is why there are a lot of TIME SINCE FLAG (201, 1) triggers included. In other words, always stop the first command with one t
  3. Hi Rolds, it is complicated to say the least. I really wish it were not necessary. You can see how it is set up in the sample missions like the ones here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=201236 Basically, the second flight's default behavior is 'follow'. Each F10 menu option commands a different behavior via "AI Task Push". The 'follow' behavior returns when specific criteria are met, like the player commanding rejoin, no targets are detected, or the AI flight is more than 5nm from the player. It works surprisingly well, all things considered.
  4. There should be a section in each briefing that explains it. It will read something like this: "The current front lines are marked in red on our planning maps and the bomb line is marked in yellow. Friendly aircraft are free to attack any target beyond the bomb line, but inside, targets are attacked only by special arrangement with local ground forces. The bomb line is delineated so far as practicable by well defined geographical features. In fluid situations involving the rapid advance of armored columns the bomb line may be placed from five to thirty-five miles in advance of known fro
  5. Hi JohnG, I am sorry to hear that. The sample files should work with version 2.5.5 but I would not be surprised if there are performance problems. The only versions I can vouch for at the moment are those with the 2.5.6 open beta. All missions were updated and re-tested last month. The samples are still technically current, but they are the old versions. The files for 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 are not compatible due to major changes to the Normandy map. Honestly, I would not recommend flying the campaign until the 2.5.6 open beta is stable and released. The Normandy map was updated by that dev
  6. Thanks for the report Lumberjack. This is due to a small airfield parking change that was made with last week's update. New missions will be included with the next update that fix this, hopefully this week.
  7. Hi Reflected! As you no doubt guessed, this mission was flown without drop tanks so it would be out of the question for me to install them. The developers are aware the wingmen are a serious problem and I really hope a solution comes soon.
  8. Yes, but again, it is not possible to place that much information and that many images into the DCS briefing screen in an acceptable format. You would not be getting all the information you need. I will do all I can to help but let me be sure I understand your concerns. The problem is that it is cumbersome to navigate to the files before each mission? I can try to work with the developers on a solution to that.
  9. Hi, thanks for asking but this is normal. The briefings are in pdf format and located at Mods\campaigns\Spitfire IX Epsom\Doc in your DCS: World installation folder. The briefings are extensively researched and precisely what would have been available to the pilots flying the missions, in some cases word for word. They are usually about 15 pages long with 15-20 images to go along with the text. DCS just isn't capable of presenting that much information in an organized format yet. There was some limited text and a few images included before but they were removed earlier in the year when
  10. Hi Sniper175, thanks a lot. :) A lot of time and effort went into getting this right so we appreciate it. We have an update to include the Fw-190 Anton, as well as some more diverse ground units coming up just as soon as that aircraft is released. I have learned a few more tricks so performance should be slightly better as well. This campaign has already had a number of updates and it will continue to be kept up to date as the WWII environment matures. Thanks again, Bunyap
  11. Hi, thanks again for the reports. A replacement file was submitted but has not made it into an update. I have followed up and it should be resolved next week.
  12. Yes, thanks for the reports. There are some issues with the Russian localization that could possibly be causing this. I have requested the latest versions of the files and hope to find out what is wrong soon.
  13. Thanks a lot for your patience everybody. This appears to be fixed in the 2.5.4 open beta version.
  14. Hi montypython76, the only requirement is to land at Nellis and be alive. There are ways to miss any requirement a mission designer sets up so I really dislike setting them at all. I will make this mission an automatic 'pass' the next time I submit an update. For now, you should have an option in your communications F10 Other menu to skip the mission. It should look something like this but has different wording for mission 1: Mission 3-10 only require that you be airborne for 10 minutes. The decision to advance to the next mission or re-fly it will be yours for the rest of the
  15. Hiya Redglyph, thanks for the report. 1) The mission starts at 1500 so that would be one for Heatblur to have a look at. 2) This was included in the briefing: "As wingman, I’ll taxi behind the flight lead. On departure, I’ll stay in a visual trail formation 1nm behind flight lead – that’ll let me maintain formation while still being able to look at the landmarks that the flight lead points out to us." The speeds average out over time but there are always fluctuations as they pass a waypoint. This was never intended to be flown in close formation for that reason. 3) I agree, r
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