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  1. If it's anything like the A-10C, then yeah, pretty much! But I would have thought laser codes had to match
  2. That makes sense, I'll give it a try. Though it's curious, I've had the BAE mod for months and worked perfectly alongside the GBU-24. Perhaps the problem occured once I switched over. Either way, thanks a lot!
  3. Hello Chaps, I've recently come back to the Hornet after a short break and noticed I can no longer equip the GBU-24 on any of the pylons, it simply does not appear as an option. Before Christmas, I switched from the Steam version to the Standalone (OpenBeta), and I was definitely able to use the 24's prior to the switch. Any ideas? Also, I do have a couple of mods for the Hornet installed, namely a sound mod and the Blue Angels Equipment mod. Could these have something to do with it? Cheers
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