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  1. Well to me, it's just that a static cloud covering a target in a 2/8 scattered weather is very unrealistic. It reminds me of this: Where the panther is the objective.
  2. Live weather (as in pull the current weather from a "reliable source") or Live/Dynamic weather that changes over time? As much as I like the current clouds, they are a pain because they don't really move like they do in real-life. In other words, they don't move at all. So if your target is currently covered by a broken/scattered layer, in real-life you can circle around, wait a few minutes, and the clouds move... in DCS... not so much (or at least nothing like they would do in real-life). I'm more looking into the later. I don't care for "real weather" as I don't live near any of the DCS "maps" (so I don't care what the weather is in Syria right now), but I do like to simulate an overcast that clears, or weather that deteriorates (forcing an ILS approach when I took from from a nice sunny day).
  3. I experience this too and so does my brother. (completely different machine, country, and continent). I also noticed that the Marianas Free-Flight freezes (not 100% consistently) when you start the mission, and dive down towards the island in front of you; while doing so, repeatedly press the different hud modes (landing, a/a, a/g, etc.). I was skeptical of this (because my brother reported it to me) until I managed to do the exact same thing. I don't know if it's the map, DCS 2.7, or the F-14, but since this map is using the "new graphics engine" (according to ED), I wouldn't be surprised if clicking things didn't cause problems.
  4. I'm new to the Tomcat and have been practicing RIO a lot (well, not sure what a lot is but...). Is Iceman allowed to perform two commands one after the other? Long Version: You're flying with a heading of 270 degrees. You command iceman to go North (absolute heading). As the turn is happening, you command him to climb to angels 30 (random commands for the sake of the example). What I noticed is that Iceman stops the turn, and initiates the climb. If you reach the desired altitude, the turn is never resumed (which would be a workaround at least). If you give Iceman another command before reaching the desired altitude, he still stop the climb (or descent) and perform the last command. Short Version: In other words, is Iceman will only able perform the last command, and will he ignore/abort the previous one(s)? is this by design? Has this always been like this? Thanks! (I'm playing mostly MP with my brother and we're loving it, but in order to practice single player, I need to use Iceman to fly the thing while I fiddle with the back seat stuff, that's why I found these limitations).
  5. Check also the midspike one as well. My recommendation (I'm a newbie in it, but I've already managed to capture bases on 4YA PVE servers all by myself with a rain of vikrs and cannon), is to start small. If you try to understand the ABRIS tutorial, you will hate it. It explains a LOT of things you will rarely need when starting. There's really "5" switches you need to be able to attack stuff, and you can rely on "WIN-HOME/END" to autostart-end the helicopter for you. Otherwise you'll try to memorize 200 switches that are in the most awkward positions for no real reason since you will rarely (especially at first) will touch them again. Then start incorporating other things. (like can I auto-navigate to this waypoint?) etc. That's my humble suggestion.
  6. In short this is a thread about the frustration of a buyer who didn't do due diligence despite the many available resources, hints, and indications, unwilling to give it a try for the sake of (and I quote) Elite PvP Training. <sarcasm> I, too, love to wait 8 minutes for the Mirage INS to align, every time. (fast align is for losers, give me 1 meter accuracy or GTFO!) </sarcasm>
  7. lol I was going to say you have the hud right there! I flew on your server the other day (on SU-25Ts) (I was Neurus)
  8. LOL... I mean... some people believe the game is "very close to the real thing" still.. right? This is a ridiculous take to me, but if that makes you happy, please be my guest.
  9. Regarding players who consider the Mirage Radar Repeater a "cheat" that "they don't understand" or "can't believe it's allowed", let me tell you: It helps ME, see the radar, because my eyesight is ... _used_ (I'm 45 years old) so without that, I wouldn't even bother to play the mirage, because even with TrackIR and a Warthog hotas (which I both have and use), Zooming in to the small 1440p display is not real, practical, nor mimics the real-life experience of being in a cockpit. Now before you go jumping to "what do you know about real-life experience in a fighter jet" the answer is: not much, for I am not a fighter pilot, but I do have real-life flying experience (I'm a private pilot) and so I do know how instruments are "seen" in real-life (in my limited PPA experience). Without something like that, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the mirage. Plain and simple. So please let people enjoy the game. It is a game after all.
  10. I can confirm this works 100%. Thanks!!
  11. I'm in 2.5.6 and I have the exact same issue (I have easy comms off). I cannot hear the "lead" talk, only get my own responses and the "will report ready to taxi". I did watch a YT video of someone doing the mission and I can confirm I do not hear any of that at all (well I've heard it *once* but then the Chevy1-1 never moved at all...) I posted a thread here in Campaigns:
  12. Hello and please forgive me if this has been reported or is a known issue, I couldn't find anything (though some similar posts from a few months ago). I have Easy Comms disabled as suggested by the Campaign. I start the mission (3), turn the battery on, and then the two radios. I never hear the Lead (only my response a few seconds later of "loud and clear...") and then seems like the lead is talking but I don't see it... what I do see is the text saying: "report when ready to taxi via the f10 menu" or similar after a few moments (probably after the lead finishes "talking" -which remember I don't see/hear-). I tried the mission 4-5 times (with ins alignment and all) so before wasting another 15 minutes, I decided to ask Essentially one of the times, I heard the lead partially talking (and the "text" he was saying) and so I noticed he said "switch to Green radio 2", which I did from then on; only the 1st time I tried the mission this wasn't done, because well... I never heard him). In short, I went on and watched a YT video of someone doing the mission and I noticed their interaction was similar except they could hear the "lead" say all those things and what not. In every instance, I did continue anyway to see if it would work, and reported when ready to taxi. No response whatsoever and the menu goes away after the 1st try. I decided to taxi anyway and got closer to the lead and the plane was running, but sitting in the hangar... not moving at all. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.
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