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  1. I mean I suppose it doesn't require one but I don't see the point in using a mouse or whatever to interface with it. Maybe it will help if I break down the components. On your pc (where you run DCS), you'll also run TouchDCS. TouchDCS is a small executable file (written by me) that will communicate with devices running TouchOSC (which I'll discuss next) and DCS-BIOS (also set up on your machine). TouchOSC is an application that can run on just about any device - you'd likely want to run it on a tablet (iPad/Android tablet/etc) but I have seen some people ask about running it on a Surface or other device - that is also supported. I neither develop nor maintain TouchOSC - however I do often make feature requests and provide feedback to the developers and they have been very receptive. TouchOSC costs $10 (iirc) in the App Store and on Google Play. The desktop version of the application costs $15 I believe, but you can use it without a license - you'll just see an annoying popup every time you start the application. As an aside, if anybody comes across this, I'd highly recommend purchasing the desktop application if you can afford it and use it - the TouchOSC devs have just been great and deserve all of the support they can get! You'll build your layouts in TouchOSC, and then configure it to talk to TouchDCS. From there, you can use your tablet, phone, or other device to interact with the aircraft just like if it were an actual panel. It has two-way sync, so the state of your aircraft is also represented on your tablet (e.g. I made a fully-functional A-10 CDU layout). There is a little bit more info as well as some layout screenshots from a hornet UFC and IFEI that I made here https://github.com/charliefoxtwo/TouchDCS/wiki Let me know if that helps or not.
  2. Yeah we definitely accomplish different goals, and DCS UFC has a lot of benefits. TouchDCS is more about building yourself a custom layout. You shouldn't need any coding or image editing skills to build a layout. The TouchOSC application is a drag-and-drop wysiwyg editor that makes it really easy to build layouts. You can take advantage of the lua scripting it offers for even greater control, but it's really not necessary in most cases. Man, I wish I could output displays. Getting that working would depend on a lot of factors, so while I'd love to do it I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you Text displays are no problem though, I built a layout of the A-10 CDU and the Hornet UFC.
  3. I'm really glad you're getting some good use out of it! FWIW, I do think DCS UFC is a cool tool and I don't think TouchDCS is a replacement for it - I think we accomplish different things. TouchDCS is, as you touched (heh) on, all about flexibility in creating the best layout for yourself. I like to think it's pretty simple to do, and as a bonus TouchOSC also offers a lot of more advanced features with things like scripting, etc that really allow you to dive deep.
  4. Sorry I haven't been active on the forums lately. As you've found, I'm far more active on github and discord What sort of aircraft would you be looking for templates for? It's probably not feasible for me to template all of them - I think your best bet is just to ask me how I did things, and I'm more than happy to dig in to what I did and how you can do the same thing
  5. Oh man, sorry I missed this! Seems like it's perhaps looking for the DCSBiosReader plugin but couldn't find it? If you didn't install it, you can download it here https://github.com /charliefoxtwo/ViLA-DCS-BIOS-Reader fwiw I'm much more active in my discord https://discord.gg/rWAF3AdsKT
  6. On the one hand, you're right. On the other hand, this excitement helps people realize the value that his free software currently provides, and encourages them to donate (myself included!). It's easy to forget about things when you use them every day. Not saying we should all be getting super crazy about it, but what I am saying is I hope this craze gets f4l0 some well-earned donations
  7. In addition to @RealDCSpilot's response, I'll pitch in too. Feel free to use the money for Dcs modules, or beer, or something else. Shoot me a PM with where to send the money.
  8. I second that. I'm dying without SimShaker in the Hind. Is there any way to just fall back to the defaults if the detected aircraft is not recognized? I miss it in the T-45 and A-4 as well, and then we wouldn't have to wait for an update every time a new aircraft is released. I'm sure it's more complicated than I think it is, but just a thought
  9. TO 1F-5E-1 details instrument approaches with diagrams on pages 2-19 thru 2-22 (TACAN, radar, VOR, and ILS approaches). I know linking manuals is dicey on this forum; not quite sure what the rules are about screenshots from them (probably the same), but a quick google search shows somebody has uploaded it to the DCS user files so it should be pretty easy to find.
  10. Hey everybody, just a quick update - the latest version of TouchOSC is out now, which means my application, TouchDCS, is also officially out now!
  11. This bug has been around for a while and I really hope they fix it soon.
  12. Awesome, let me know how it goes! Feel free to reach out if you run into any trouble
  13. Hey guys, after my proof of concept last week I've finally uploaded an application you can use to control your Virpil LEDs - ViLA. F/A-18C Landing Gear LEDs It's pretty basic right now. It links to DCS-BIOS events, and you can tell it to set the color of an LED based on that event. This is different from Virpil's tool because you can map any LED to any DCS-BIOS event. This also means that when you use a control like the caution lights test switch, you everything lights up for you. These LEDs are mapped to their individual functions, and the caution lights test switch causes DCS-BIOS to send outputs for each BIOS code. It's a console tool right now, and I know the configuration experience leaves a lot to be desired - I'm working on it. In the mean time, I hope somebody can find some use for it! F/A-18C Fire test switch. Note that pressing the master caution button resets it, just like in the actual aircraft. The tool is also extensible via plugins that can be written by anybody. The DCS-BIOS integration is currently a plugin. However, you could write your own plugin so that it interacts with Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, MSFS2020, or anything else!
  14. Would definitely pay for an upgrade. The cockpit is definitely looking dated. Another user said chaff, which would be nice. I'd like to see troops/cargo in the cabin as well, though maybe that's more of a core dcs thing. Our weapon control panel has a 40mm toggle on the select switch but it can't be activated... Maybe something else that could be added? The graphical bug where it appears like your or your friends rotors are bent up/down at a 45 degree angle is also a bit ridiculous. Multicrew really needs to be reworked. We need a separate category for copilot vs pilot keybinds. In what world would I want the copilot force trim switch to be different from the pilot force trim switch? I don't have a full sim with two separate seats built for this thing lol. Both stations should be able to use weapons regardless of who loaded them. Etc. I guess it's better than having no multicrew at all like in the Mi-8?
  15. Virpil's link tool didn't work for me either, so I wrote something that did (more gifs in comments with landing gear/master caution demos)
  16. I'm also getting this, and it's really distracting when setting partial flaps for landing. I'm using an axis to control my flaps, if that matters.
  17. To clarify, the DCS-BIOS portion is used by the console application that I've developed. That console application will talk to your tablet (or other device running TouchOSC) wirelessly as long as they are on the same network. Matric seems useful, but I think TouchOSC layouts offer a lot more customization and TouchDCS will - like you said - allow for two-way communication so you can see text output or button/dial state in the event you modify them in game instead of through the app. For those sort of generic commands which don't really have a DCS-BIOS interface however, apps like Matric may be your best bet. TouchDCS only communicates through DCS-BIOS, so controls like the ones you mentioned (views, kneeboard, comms, etc) unfortunately can't be controlled by TouchDCS at this time. I just learned about DCS-UFC today and I agree it seems awesome. If it does everything you need, I honestly see no reason to switch to TouchDCS. The advantage of TouchDCS is the versatility it offers in creating your own layout, but if DCS-UFC has all the layouts you need then by all means keep using it!
  18. This is awesome! As a native English speaker who doesn't speak Swedish, is there any way I can help with the translations - either by donation, proofreading, or something else?
  19. I'm using an android tablet, but the new version of TouchOSC (again, still in closed beta so you can't use it yet) runs on all operating systems. If your surface pro uses windows 10, then in the future you will absolutely be able to use this. If you're attempting to get this working with the current version of TouchOSC working (the one currently in the App/Play Store) that only works with Android and iOS. I don't know when the latest version will come out of closed beta, but I can't imagine it will be more than a few months.
  20. I've been working on a project for a little bit now, and now that the final necessary components are falling into place I'd like to introduce this project... TouchDCS (Out now!) Who is TouchDCS? TouchDCS isn't anybody, it's a computer application. What is TouchDCS? In short, TouchDCS allows you to use your tablet to control DCS. More technically speaking, TouchDCS is an application that acts as an interface between OSC applications (in this case, TouchOSC) and DCS-BIOS. When is TouchDCS? TouchDCS is the future. Lucky for you, the future is now. TouchDCS is now! Where is TouchDCS? https://github.com/charliefoxtwo/TouchDCS Why is TouchDCS? I started TouchDCS after coming to the conclusion that I simply fly too many different aircraft, and there was no way for me to buy or build physical controllers that made sense for all of them. What if, instead, you could simply load up a layout that had the controls you need for your aircraft, exactly where you want them, and nothing else? This is the problem TouchDCS aims to solve. Create your own layout for your aircraft that has exactly what you need. It can be used for critical controls (though I wouldn't try to control the stick with it personally) or just about anything else in the game. It's great for panels that you don't want to dedicate precious hardware buttons to, but you'll need eventually. How is TouchDCS? Great, thanks for asking! But like, how does it work? TouchDCS needs to be configured with your tablet's IP address and communication ports (set within the TouchOSC app). Likewise, TouchOSC needs to be configured to talk to TouchDCS. Once that is complete, TouchDCS will listen for any commands from DCS-BIOS, and forward them on to TouchOSC (translated to the OSC protocol). TouchDCS will also listen for any OSC messages from TouchOSC, and translate and forward them to DCS-BIOS. The result is two-way communication for any control that DCS-BIOS supports, and shareable layouts that require no additional configuration/mapping. It (theoretically) supports an infinite number of phones/tablets, each with their own layout, however practically speaking I'd be surprised if you got more than 5 working without communication delays. What if I don't want to use DCS-BIOS? Does it support mapping to DX buttons? Not at the moment. Maybe at some point in the future, but don't count on it. How much is TouchDCS? TouchDCS, the application I have developed, is free and can be downloaded by anybody. However, TouchOSC - an application developed by a third party - costs $10 (on mobile, $18 on desktop). I have been working with the developers of TouchOSC in order to get more features that would benefit TouchDCS into the latest version, but I don't receive any commission or payment of any kind and I don't personally know the developers. There's no sponsorship here - I chose TouchOSC because it seemed like the best way to accomplish my goals, and they've been really receptive to feedback and changes/features I've requested. I want to see pretty pictures!
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