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  1. Hi, everyone! Last night I tried the SAR server for the first time with my friends, it's very AWSOME indeed! As a P3D player I am surprised to find a place that is equally interesting as flying commercial operations in DCS. It's very enjoyable flying Mi-8 in the mountains, also very challenging to locate and pick up those requiring rescue, excellent flying experience. Personally I have some suggestions for the server that I think can greatly enhance the experience: First, I think we need some indication for difficulty. Since the server map has different SAR
  2. Hi! I'd like to request some Mi-8 liveries from the USSR, which are unique and classic. Thanks in advance! First is Aeroflot Artic livery Second it's the Mi-8 from the Paris Air Show Then Standard livery of the Aeroflot
  3. Hi, uboats! Thank you for your gorgeous work! J-7s with white paint schemes really represent the PLAAF's finest grip for aerial defense back in the 1970s. However as we've stepped into the 21st century, these J-7s have gradually passed into secondary service as JJ-7s (or "歼教-7"), which are extensively served as advanced training aircraft for fighter pilots. Most JJ-7s in service now bear standard PLAAF light grey paint schemes and markings. May I ask that if it is possible for you to create a skin for JJ-7? I do apologize for making this request here because I noticed t
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