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  1. :D J'ai toujours du mal а croire que tu sois des nфtres , mais j'espиre avoir des circonstances attйnuantes .Si tu es rйellement de l'Hexagone , nous sommes confrontйs quotidiennement а une hostilitй sans prйcedent а notre йgard sur les forums anglophones depuis 2003 , et le sujet du Rafale et du Mirage sont extremements sensibles , car ils relиvent d'un des fleurons de notre industrie nationale , qui s'est courronnйe de succйs et que certains voudraient nous voir perdre . Si tu as йtй honnкte et franc , je veux avec la plus grande courtoisie , t'exprimer mes excuses sincиres car
  2. No But really , stop ridiculizing yourself , not only you display mistake after mistake , i correct you and you don't answer , but you lie on your identity and know nothing about our aeronautics . Rafale cheap ?? LOL ! do you even know the price of only the plane ? where did you read that (and you say you're french ... ) you say Mirage crap ? you say Mirage laughable range ? you compare old Mirage with newer planes in vast superiority wthout knowing the context ? tell bulsshit about why they fly high ? want me to bring infos when the net is full of praise for this aircraft ? you don't ev
  3. Yeah , and mine is Robert John Foster Jr from Australia , no wait , New Zealand .. you should have said Malouines , it supposed to be your mother tongue no ? at the second attempt you miss , it says something. Are you really silly or ? Mirage 2000-5 is 1 generation behind Rafale , Rafale is omni-role and was designed to replace any existant type of plane in the AdA , it was planned more than 15 years ago that Mirage would stop . Now you don't know that and you tell me you're French and display serious BS ? Dassault have sold over 7000 planes in its life , so they know what they'r
  4. yep true sorry mate , i was quite pished when i wrote in a hasty way :) i will edit it , indeed , III , not F1 :)
  5. I highly doubt any French could speak like this , for sure , such Frenchman is not yet born , seems more like you 're a French hater without having the slightest idea you're are speaking about . There is one simple proof that completely betrays you , and that is the way you spelled "Malwins" , no French would ever do that ,as well as the structure of your sentences . I can't be bothered to answer in details , but would be good for you to know that they are many models very different , F1 , III , IV , 2000C etc.. , initial turn rate is better than F-16 on a 2000-5 and arguably a
  6. Great work ! you are really teasing me here :D thanks a lot for your mod , i'm eager to see that by myself :)
  7. Good luck and thanks for your mod , i might give it a try , when is it out ?
  8. I have been taught to answer with arguments and not belittle other people's countries , but fair enough . It's very likely that is has more stealth , besides we cannot not have a clue because most of stealth features in the Rafale are strictly classified , so it says a bit about the intention of your post as you bring judgement on a plane you cannot have information on , but i will answer one last post as it is off-topic ;) What you can see of stealth element on Rafale is next to the extremity of wings and on the canard empennage features and the dedication about this element s
  9. Well AFAIK , The Typhoon is larger and doesn't have as much advanced stealth technology of the Rafale (F-22 and in a lesser extent F-35 are in a completely different league , much more stealthy of course , at the slight expense of aerodynamic performances apparently ,as i read that the F-22 has more or less same performance in manoeuvrability , acceleration , climb rate as the F-15 acording to General Everest Riccioni of USAAF : http://www.pogo.org/m/dp/dp-fa22-Riccioni-03082005.pdf , its superiority will come mainly from the most advanced electronic technology/avionic and stealth )
  10. The Rafale is slightly behind the Typhoon in the aerial superiority role , as it was designed as an omni-role aircraft , Typhoon has more powerful engine and a radar that has more range and especially a better RCS for the moment and has been designed from the beggining for superiority in the air even though now they regret that it lacks in air-to-ground . Rafale outperformed any aircraft in front of him in all real exercices , and it's still a magnificent and one of the very finest fighter currently and comparable to the Typhoon , because it has stealth elements as opposed to
  11. Thanks Colt for the link , here 's another one http://www.patricksaviation.com/videos/SAS73/2456/ :) Rogue , that's the reason why France pulled out of Eurofighter project , we wanted a navalized and truly multi-role aircraft unlike our partners said they had no interest to do that , this was the main reason , had we made Typhoon (which is by the way using many similar things to the Rafale ) with the other partners , it would have costed us too much money and we'd have been obliged to get another aircraft navalized model like F-35 , which implies even more money spent .
  12. Not really :D Both countries have always been allied since USA was created , despite twice having a clash in the 60's and upon the Iraq war , mainly because France has always wanted to remain totally independant from anyone in foreign policy , relations currently are quite good actually . a real ally should tell you when he disagrees and will always stand by your side if you are really threatened , if the sovereignity of your country and people is under a real danger . It's not new , some American military come in France for a part of their formation , just like all French N
  13. Yep , great article , can't wait to have Flamming Cliffs ! :prayer:
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