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  1. I was born and grew up in Margate. It was a lovely place. The local council seemed to give up on it around the mid-90s. A real shame.
  2. I bought the A-10C II on Steam during the Christmas 2020 sale period. The A-10C was included. The A-10A was not included.
  3. As a general rule, I’ve found it better to do all DCS purchases on Steam. You can transfer Steam modules to ED, but not the other way around. The Steam version handles auto updating and stuff, so for me it seems a better solution. And I always have the option to transfer to ED if I find it necessary.
  4. I cheated a bit for this one. Seems you don’t have enough bombs to cover the two JTAC targets and the three main mission targets. Particularly as the other guy won’t help. So I do this one with unlimited ammo, and carpet bombed the main target area through the clouds. TAD EXP2 helped a lot to add mark points around the general area. Look a while to adjust the mark points to get both AAA. Almost ran out of fuel.
  5. With the Warthog HOTAS Throttle and the detent enabled I remapped the throttle. I tend to jump in and out of the A-10 and F/A-18, so wanted a setup that worked for both.
  6. That’s a YES from me too. Battlefield AT and fast recce. Sounds good to me. I’ll buy it.
  7. Actually, I just created a mission using the ME and it let me have my Huey. It started up and I can chopper about. Brill. Just doesn’t work with instant action stuff. As I grew up in the area, it’s really nice to be able to have a wander around. Land on the beach and stuff. The map is really good.
  8. Basically to support the need to reach a mission target waypoint at TOT, but without having to work out the individual route waypoint times. For example, route ABCDE, TOT set for D, steer point at B, target speed calculated accumulating legs pp->B, B->C and C-D. Would be nice to take turn radius in to account as well. Actually, RAF Tornado software would do this for you. Just enter a TOT for the target waypoint, and the software would back-calculate the steer route waypoint times. Each steer route leg has an assumed or set speed. Standard turn radius is assumed.
  9. British Army Lynx AH.7 or AH.9A. Be nice to zoom around the battlefield with anti-tank missiles. Would also love to barrel roll in a helo.
  10. I know it’s a WWII map, but please can I be able to take the Huey for a spin around the map? DCS 2.5.6 won’t let me start or create anything with the Huey with the Channel map.
  11. Does anyone know if the A-10C can do TOT along the route? For example if the route is A-B-C-D, and I enter TOT for C (the mission target), I want to achieve the time when flying A-B-C. It seems I can only achieve direct to C, i.e. when it’s the current steer point. Do I really have the work back along the route and enter each waypoint time?
  12. Maybe a Norwegian Sea theatre, east of the GIUK Sosus barrier. Reenact the northern scenario of Red Storm Rising. Red Banner Northern Fleet attempt to push in to the Atlantic and control the shipping lanes and threaten the Eastern Seaboard. It’s all based around the mid-80s so fits the general DCS modern era aircraft that we have. Maybe even extend the helo models and do some sub hunting. AI or multi crew P3C Orions and MR2 Nimrods.
  13. Having flew over the area a few times, I really can't tell where Margate is. There is no pier, sun deck, clock tower or Sea Bathing hospital in evidence. These are Victorian features that are fairly easy to distiguish from the air.
  14. It’s a very valid point. The Tornado, for example, is a very backseat driven beast. The front seater takes off, turns the TFR on, engages autopilot and wakes up an hour or so later for tea and medals. Lol. Seriously, a very two seat operation. The work levels in both seats can be fairly high I understand. Just running the EW DASS is boffin stuff. Getting the best out of it may prove tricky in the single player mode.
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