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  1. exactly what happened. Fight started 3v1. I got one fairly quickly and made a snap shot with guns on a second, it didn't finish him but he wasn't much of a treat so I concentrated on the third. Right after a near head to head merge, the second one was right in front of me. I thought I had time to finish him off before the third could get in position. I finished bandit 2 when I realized 3 was barreling down on me. I managed to avoid must of his fire but you seen the damaged he got on me. I couldn't maneuver to get a shot on him, but I got lucky soon after when he dived on me for another sho
  2. LMAO I'm gonna have to watch that movie again soon lol yea, I thought I popped it on landing too till I watched the track again lol did you lose the wing on landing?? if not, how did you get it down?
  3. I made these adjustments to that file, to both sets of lines with these codes on them. This is now what I see. Def a step in the right direction but without the threat circles pictured in the right MDI, or the symbols, its not a complete rendering of the RWR. That am I missing?
  4. it was def exciting and I used up the entire runway but I managed to get her on the ground.
  5. Working on BFM and some weapons and a bandit had other ideas...
  6. Question for you .lua experts. As you can see, I started exporting the DDIs and AMPCDs to my second monitor. I even got have the EFEI exported (not pictured) and running to the left of the AMPCD. I would like the gauges and the RWR to the right of the APMCD exported as well. Can they be exported as a group? or do I have to export them individually? Also, what are they called in the lua files? Thanks
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