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  1. R.MES Just finishing your campaign - loved every minute of it. Documentation was very nice, fully immersive. I read every page of it ;). The kneeboards were very clear and showed exactly what was needed for the mission. I never had a problem understanding what I needed to do to complete a mission. Missions - nothing fancy nor complicated, but really REALLY fun! I love Mirage and I flew almost 40 flights on it - I can safely recommend Your campaign to people at intermediate level - after the campaign-tutorial for the module it will be just perfect.
  2. R.MES For iraqi skin I tried the solution provided by ataribaby (thanks!) and it worked for me. Then i had the same problem with F-14 Livery In "aircraft/Liveries Import" I made a "F-14B" folder where i put mentioned skin. I also put both liveries in "Liveries" in "Saved Games\DCS" folder (for M-2000C and F-14B). Now everything works fine. Again, thank you for this very interesting campaign - looking forward to try it! :) Stay safe!
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