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  1. Very immersive, and they really help with those long transits across the channel. :) A most excellent surprise.
  2. That's intriguing. SDE is by far my biggest gripe with VR today!
  3. Same problem here, just ran into this yesterday.
  4. This module changed flight simming for me forever. I bought it mostly because there was very little else on the market besides original IL2 and FSX, but it opened a whole new world of the study simulation that I never thought possible!
  5. I vote No on the twist since this will add to cost and development time.
  6. Wondering the same. I'm about to start learning how to fly this whirlybird. :)
  7. Can wait to download this update. When will we be able to buy the new P-51 campaign?
  8. Nice, that's good to know. Maybe explains why I have so much trouble with the Spitfire at high altitudes. ;)
  9. Interesting, Dafiew, I thought they were both basically air superiority fighters. What are the differing roles between the Spitfire and Mustang?
  10. Dumb question, do I need to be running the same version of DCS as the server, or can I run the release version while server is running open beta?
  11. Funny, I had the exact same experience, and worked around it the same way. The beginning of mission 4 is beautiful!!
  12. Awesome. :) EDIT: In the meantime, it seems that keeping the Fuel Pump on prevents the engine from over cooling and cutting out.
  13. I've never turned it off. I'll check tonight to see if it's on by default. EDIT: I turned on the Fuel Pump after startup and the problem disappeared. Thanks!
  14. I also hope there's some progress on this soon. The problem makes it really difficult to carry out missions in The Big Show.
  15. Still playing the campaign despite this bug, but the green tint really makes it hard to track bogeys!
  16. This would be very handy for starting up modern jets. Use Touch for the startup procedure and setting up avionics, then set them down for the rest of the flight.
  17. I'm having a problem with fuel as well. Engine cuts out and the fuel pressure light comes on. While losing altitude, I hit the fuel wobble until the low pressure light goes out, then did an engine restart and carried on with the mission. This happened twice in the same mission, at about 20k altitude, but I was able to complete the mission and fly home, so lack of fuel was not the problem. Oil and rad temps were very low. How do I prevent this? Radiator only has two settings: Open and Auto (I was set to Auto). Any advice would be appreciated. :)
  18. I found switching from a CH FigherStick to the VKB Gunfighter with extension made a huge difference giving me more precision when flying WWII birds. Landing these planes is far easier now. Grant it, I find the DCS Spitfire is a particularly difficult plane to fly and maneuver. Very sensitive and very powerful!
  19. Good advice, I think. Even though I'm subscribed to their newsletter, I check their stock every day!
  20. I've tried X-Plane's "virtual" controls using the Touch controllers and it's very awkward and inaccurate, even for a simple take-off run in a Cessna. Imagine how difficult this would be trying to drive a car with touch controllers in racing sims! When such precision is required, you really need to have your hands on physical controllers. Just give X-Plane demo a try and you'll see what I mean.
  21. Nicely put, Emmy, I haven't heard that. I'm sure it's already been mentioned, but Flaming Cliffs might be a good place to start.
  22. Wow, that was a lot harder than I thought! Stuck on the third mission; all my experience in WWII fighters does me no good at all. :) This feels like the first time all over again. Guess I'd better check out the Hints and Tips thread.
  23. Is it better to start with this BFM campaign or the ACM campaign? EDIT: Guess this is a good answer:
  24. Really? The website still says it's out of stock for the Gunfighter Mk.II. :(
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