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  1. Sold my CV1 last night. Was lucky enough to order amazon's last Rift S this morning! Expecting it Saturday, thanks to this awesome thread.
  2. 1. Make sure your frame rate is consistently high enough 2. A bass shaker like ButtKicker Gamer works miracles in relieving motion sickness.
  3. Can anyone from ED confirm this? It would be kind of cool to finally get that Polo Shirt too. ;)
  4. My biggest disappointment in Valve is not selling the Index in Canada. :(
  5. Nice, has this correction to mission 12 been added to the public build of DCS, or do I still need to download the updated mission from this thread? EDIT: I downloaded the mission and finished the campaign. That music kicks serious ass!!!
  6. I guess silence is our answer. Dixmude was one hell of a ride, would like to see more.
  7. You've got to be *fast*! I got shot up pretty bad too, they took out my pilot and I was forced to fly from the left seat. After that I kept my speed over 200 km/h and did not take any more hits.
  8. Same problem here. :( UPDATE: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3762511&postcount=20
  9. I haven't been able to get it working either, so I just ignore it.
  10. Sometimes this happens when the Oculus Runtime service is not running.
  11. Had a mount made to attach to the center chair piston.
  12. Be warned, radio comms for AA refueling is currently not working (although I think it's fixed in the open beta build). You'll be able to complete the mission without refueling, though.
  13. Just tried it again and got through the mission without a crash. Not sure what was different this time.
  14. It's a crying shame they excluded the headphone solution from CV1. The audio is shockingly good.
  15. Seems like the Rift S is meant to attract new users, rather than to entice CV1 users to upgrade. Still though, having less SDE alone might be reason enough for me to upgrade.
  16. I also get a crash today, but on mission 8. Just after I do a low pass over Longoria. :( dcs.log-20190319-232556.zip
  17. Wondering the same thing, I've read that Red Flag is a setup for a PG campaign, but is it actually being developed? :D
  18. I can't wait to start the campaign. There's just so much information to take in with those training missions before I can even begin!
  19. Thanks, I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem. Good write-up, astazou.
  20. It is frustrating, I had been waiting a very long time too for MCG Pro to become available. Finally was able to snatch one up at aliexpress in December.
  21. Thanks for the updates, stuart. While SDE in the Rift is grinding on me, the Odyssey+ doesn't sound like much fun in comparison. I'll stay tuned for any updates you might have later. :)
  22. Very sad, and such a loss. Thank you sir for your immense contribution to our beloved passion and hobby. :(
  23. Looks very exciting, will keep an eye on this one. :)
  24. I think so, didn't catch the name but enjoyed the funny man when he came one the air.
  25. Great campaigns, Reflected, this is EXACTLY what DCS: WWII needed! :D Any chance you're working on a campaign from the Axis side?
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