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  1. Impressed and amazed that I won't have to upgrade my motherboard or PSU for the 3080. That makes it so much easier to swallow the cost of upgrading my 1080Ti. Rock on!
  2. You'll also see a vast improvement in your flying with VR. Life-sized scale and real depth perception allow you to fly as in real life. You'll be able to do things that are practically impossible using a monitor.
  3. Good to know, thanks. Didn't realize Hornet was still in early access.
  4. Very excited about this one. Will we see this campaign in the next stable release if most or all issues are resolved, or is it dependent on Super Carrier coming out of early access?
  5. Any word on when they're going to re-brand the Oculus Rift to Facebook Face?
  6. Nice of him to let us know within the hour.... that was a great surprise this morning!
  7. Excellent, some great dog fighting footage and the low altitude stuff looks thrilling!
  8. +1 I'll also be upgrading my Rift S to G2 ASAP. This video made up my mind.
  9. The new F5-E campaign Black Sea Resolve '79 is being prepared for official release. Hopefully we'll see this soon!
  10. I loved TrackIR so much for so long, but the depth perception and scale is what makes VR and experience that can't be matched. Seeing a new life-size cockpit for the first time always takes my breath away.
  11. I'm sure there'll be a big deal about it in the weekly newsletter when the time comes. :) Hopefully this summer?
  12. Fantastic! [whips out credit card like ninja throwing star]
  13. That's a let-down, I just finished the F-5E training missions last night and was really looking forward to playing this campaign. Any indication on when it will be re-released? Will it become an officially released DLC?
  14. Great video. I terribly miss the feedback I got with MSFFB2 joystick, but really need the precision and range of motion found in the VKB Pro. It's crazy that no one has made a FFB joystick in the last 20 years. As he mentioned, FFB is now standard in racing wheels and has a tremendous effect on immersion.
  15. A small infrared lamp solves this problem completely. Its illumination of objects is very easy to track while the room remains dark to the human eye. Edit: I was shocked to discover this coming from CV1 and took me a while to figure out what was happening if it got dark while I was in the rift!
  16. Certainly tempting, at least for racing and GA flight simulation.
  17. JackStalke, I believe it will be called the "Bravo". Hard to imagine anyone in their right mind releasing a product called Beta. ....oh wait, 1980 is calling lol!
  18. I'll give that a try, I just expected earbuds to pop out. :)
  19. I hear you. I like my Rift S for simplicity and cost, but the poor audio becomes more of a deal breaker over time. Using external headphones is clunky and they fly off when you're whipping around in a dogfight.
  20. Great update, appreciate all the information and looking forward to the new maps! Best of luck.
  21. "To avoid falling victim to this scam, resist any suggestions to download the Folding@Home software via a link in an email or social-media posting. Instead, go straight to the official Folding@Home download page. (There, you'll see that the real Windows installation software is named "fah-installer_7.5.1_x86.exe".)" https://www.tomsguide.com/news/coronavirus-password-stealer
  22. Nice, I was wondering if others in the community were Folding as well. I've had it running since last week and find that it alternates between CPU processing and GPU processing regularly.
  23. No, this is at the power station. 2.5.5. I'll try for the third time and post my results. UPDATE: I got past that point on the third try, Wolf1 took off and lead me to the next state. Not sure what to say is that this is the hardest campaign I've ever played! lol
  24. Worst thing about this mission is I move both pieces of cargo and get permission to leave (thanks for hints BTW, they really did help) and as we depart the area Wolf1 crashes on take-off and the mission fails! I'm not able to get past this point. Can I request a different AI pilot for Wolf1? Maybe a sober one? ;)
  25. Been very happy with ButtKicker Gamer2 for years, but have never tried the Jetseat.
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