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  1. I just watched the old Viet Nam film "The Green Berets". All that UH-1 footage got me super excited for this sim!
  2. Has anyone resolved the response delay when mapping elevator trim to an axis? Like Azazel, I've mapped elevator trim to the throttle dial on my CH Fighter stick. If I roll this dial forward, it takes several seconds for the virtual trim dial to catch up because it turn so slowly! Imagine if stick inputs had this kind of delay, you'd never be able to control the plane. Has anyone been able to remedy this?
  3. I even do this often when watching movies!
  4. At this rate, I'll be picking up Skyrim in the $19.95 bin by the time I get enough of the DCS flood!
  5. My thoughts exactly! So much more immersive with Russian Betty. That's something that made IL-2 great as well... all AI spoke in their native language.
  6. As a kid I used to dream of a computer simulator that was just like being in the cockpit of a high tech bird. BS is beyond anything I could have imagined!! Thanks ED for such bringing us two incredible simulators at consumer level prices!
  7. Did anyone make such a big stink when Far Cry owners had to pay for Far Cry 2? This is a version 2 product released on a new platform. If ED stuck to the "Modular" plan where all new aircraft plugged into the same platform, we wouldn't have any improvements! You would have an A-10 simulator that looked like Black Shark 1.0x instead of being able to buy a Black Shark upgrade that exceeds the A-10 sim we have now. Technology always moves forward and everyone wants the improvements. But they don't come for free. Seriously, I'd like to call Panasonic and try to convince them to exchange my 720p television because they came out with a 1080p model. I can already hear the howls of laughter! :D
  8. Dammit! I already spend too much time in the Shark, now I'll never learn how to use the Warthog's CDU! Seriously, what a frickin' surprise! :D THANK YOU ED for continuing to deliver the most detailed, polished sims on the market! Buying BS2 tonight.
  9. Just keep doing those damn training missions until it sticks! Worked for me after about the sixth time. ;)
  10. After taking out the first target, you need to extend out to sea and come around for another pass. Note that in this lesson, you're using the MAV optical sensor to view the target, not TGP. Make sure Waypoint 3 (Range) is your current steerpoint, and with the MAV display as your SOI, press china hat forward long to slave the MAV to the target area. Note that the second MAV is the AGM-65D with an infrared seeker, so you must turn on your laser (front left panel) or you won't be cleared to fire.
  11. Cheese and Crackers!! :shocking: Is there anything they haven't thought of? :doh: Soon I'll forget that this is a computer program.
  12. It would also be nice to know which canned missions start from the ramp. Does anyone have a list? I know the Free Flight Black Sea Region - Ramp Start is one example. However, as soon as I flip on the batter, the Left and Right Oil Pressure lights flicker on and off, and the master alarm goes nuts. What the heck is happening there?!
  13. I only removed "--console" to see if any error message would be shown, then I put it back. My biggest problem is that no error message is shown and no logs are written to the \Temp\ folder. The launcher.exe starts and hangs, while the command console appears and immediately disappeared. Not a single clue as to what might be wrong. :huh: EDIT: Looks like an uninstall/reinstall of patch 1.02 solved the problem. I'm a little nervous of what caused the problem in the first place, but at least I can fly again!!
  14. EtherialN, do you have any other suggestions I could try? Could it simply be that I need to reactivate my license with the new hardware since I've changed my video card?
  15. Yes, tried both with same result. EDIT: I see this all over the forums: "If you are running an ATI GPU, Disable the Catalyst A.I. " With the new drivers required for the Radeon HD6950, this option is no longer available. What is one supposed to do? Will I have to go back to HD4850 to get this working again?
  16. PC Configuration (using factory settings) 1. Phenom II X4 955 2. ASUS Crosshair III Formula 3. Patriot Viper 8GB RAM 4. ASUS Radeon HD6950 with Catalyst 11.1 5. LG DVD-ROM 6. High Speed Internet 7. CH HOTAS and Pedals, TrackIR 4 8. Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium Edition 9. DirectX 11 Black Shark 1.02 Desktop icon: Target: "D:\Program Files (x86)\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\bin\x86\stable\launcher.exe" --console Start In: "D:\Program Files (x86)\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50" After removing "--console" from icon, I get the following error when launching: Error getting table field 'command' Nothing is added to the \Temp\ directory when this error occurs. :( CCC 3D settings: Anti-Aliasing 8x Anisotropic Filtering 16x Catalyst A.I. Quality Wait for Vertical Refresh Always On Anti-Aliasing Mode Multi-Sample AA
  17. I started getting a similar problem. When I double click the desktop icon for Single Player, the console window comes up briefly and disappears right away. Launcher.exe continues to run in the task manager, but nothing else happens. Each time I click on the icon, it starts another Launcher.exe process. I recently installed an ASUS 6950 card and upgraded drivers to 11.1. It's been running great for a while, then suddenly this happened. One thing I noticed is that you can no longer disable Catalyst AI in 11.1 drivers (which I had to do in the past due to similar problems). Any idea why this would suddenly stop working? BTW Multi Player starts just fine.
  18. I put the ASUS 6950 into my machine and got a slightly lower score in Unigine (1243), but I can find no improvement in Black Shark performance over my previous Sapphire 4850 card. Still only getting 22-25 FPS on exterior near the ground and ~50 on the cockpit. Could something else be limiting my performance? AMD PhenomII X4 955 ASUS Crosshair III Patriot Viper 8GB 1600 RAM Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme-Gamer ASUS EAH6950
  19. Awesome! Will download tonight. Is the Beta only available in 32-bit? Is there still a 64-bit version planned for the final release?
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