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  1. As far as I know, you can't and the wisest choice is carrying a targeting pod and use this to lock your mavs. Because the TGP will stay right were it is, and you can handoff your mavs then one after another.
  2. If it too harsh in the center area, you can go to axis controls -> select rudder axis -> axis tune -> Curvature: 10 which will give a slightly less responsive rudder axis for fine adjustments, yet still allow larger "kicks" and leave those almost untouched. This. The brakes are so weak you can grind them to death while taxiing.
  3. Viper is cool, but still lacking basic features and development is slow. The Tomcat is more challenging to fly, but far more complete and modelled in depth. Plus, you have carrier ops and the Phoenix. That being sad, the Viper is fast, easy to fly and a multirole aircraft. If you have the time to wait, this is your choice. As for the plane, go for the viper- but only if you can live with its bugs, flaws and slow development it currently has. If you want an awesome, pretty much finished plane and manage to get friends with jester and you are more into A-A, the tomcat might be a better choi
  4. As far as I know, it doesn't because it just locks you, but doesn't paint you at all. Wikipedia says the same https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Track-via-missile http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-Grumble-Gargoyle.html It is probably classified tho for a reason.
  5. It would be so easy to fix, and bring so much more... Hope it finds its way in one of the next updates.
  6. Yes, but it also doesn't hurt realism simply not loading HARMs on 4/6 or simply not allowing it on a server, since the weapon behaviour is still the same when you only load on 3/7 which is realistic for the USAF, but also not for the HAF on the syria map. And we should keep it civil, the last 10 pages were sometimes not that polite. Long story short: It should be possible to forbid it, but also possible to allow it in some cases.
  7. The most weird thing is that you get a launch warning in an track-via-missile system which doesn't change its signature at all during tracking
  8. Oh boy, so much hate over an LAU-88 and a wire on stations 4+6.... Just make a server preset for having only USAF approved loadouts or allowing all loadouts ever possible. Removing the HARM's kills HAF loadouts which would allow 4 HARM's, 6 mavericks were allowed for "wartime". Having them kills realism on pure USAF loadouts, so just do a server preset. Enable the mission makers to chose between settings, forbid certain loadouts or allowing special ones.
  9. I bought the Viper for the exact reason I expected it to develop into a high fidelity module at the level near some other F16 sim. And it is the reason I have DCS. I found quite a few people coming the same way, knowing them from "other places" and meeting them here. There is quite a large base of people looking at high fidelity models. They came here for the A-10, then the Hornet and now the Viper. Viggen goes the same way. I'd be fine with unlocking arcade loadouts, but I want it as close as it gets. That's what I paid for, otherwise I wouldn't be here. Reasons differ
  10. As a simulation, there shouldn't be any of those on stations 4 and 6.
  11. Well, I bought the viper... I'm rather new to DCS, so my impression may be off. I just get the impression that the viggen got a lot of love, although bugs remain, and the viper is getting small fixes, but no major progress currently. Q1 is a promise. F-16 is like "I don't know when, maybe next year or so". I'm not feeling like getting another module which is also in EA for years. I want to fly at least one plane. Maybe I'll think different when the F-16 is out of early access. Maybe.
  12. Thank you for not doing the "Viper mistake", starting lots of new stuff and never finishing anything. That is precisely why I bought the Viggen. And not the Hornet...
  13. I only can understand that it seems to apply the magnetic course to the gyro, and that chapter explains how it is done and what happens during the process. It seems to be similar to the F-16's inflight alignment when used in the air. I'm learning swedish and decided that once I can read viggen manuals, I can travel to sweden and use my language skills, because if I do, I'm certainly good enough in swedish to order some kanelbullar without being awkward
  14. It is only 3500ft long, which is about half the distance required for a viper... 6000ft / 1nm is considered safe with a 13° approach. 7500 is damn short for low visibility, crosswinds and a wet runway sometimes. I tried and my best approach was only one lost wing. That's an airfield designed around viggens and harriers. You can land a viggen there. In about half of the runway. You can even stop and take off again without changing direction if you are empty and have about 75% fuel left. Where did you find that challenge?
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