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  1. Hello... it appears, that ai helicopter do not attack any enemy unit at all. This bug was already reported a while ago (november 2020) but still exists, which makes ai helicopters kind of useless. I tried various modules on syria and PG. thanks for the great work... best...edge
  2. Hello... The wave behind the ship is correct while driving at 0 depth. When the ship dives (-30ft), the texture does some crazy things and disapears. When the ship gets back to the surface the wave texture (thing) is not loaded again or stays invisible. Happens with all submarines... SSK 877V Kilo SSK 636 Improved Kilo as well as.. U-Boat VIIC U-Flak Tested it only on Caucasus map. Is probably a general issue, that includes other maps as well. Keep up the good work.... best regards,
  3. Hey.... ah, I see. Makes sense... thank you for your time and help! best regards... Olaf
  4. Hey Rudel_chw, did run some tests. If I load a static template like a battle group (on water) ... it works. I can place a plane (player) and run the mission. If I choose a ground template (like static template airport batumi blue ( not really the correct name) i does not work. I can save the file, but if I try to reopen, the file does not appear in the list, it is on the HD though, but 0 KB. I did disable all mods and did run the repair (on steam... check files blabla)... strange isn't it?
  5. Hey All, I struggle with a problem with the mission editor and the use of static templates. After loading a static template, I can't run the mission. I get asked to save, but, no matter if I do or do not save the mission, the editor window stays open and the mission does not load. Any Ideas??? I believe the issue appeared long ago, so I don't think it came with the last update. I run the last open beta version. Thank for any ideas and help in advanced.... Edge
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