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  1. Hey.... ah, I see. Makes sense... thank you for your time and help! best regards... Olaf
  2. Hey Rudel_chw, did run some tests. If I load a static template like a battle group (on water) ... it works. I can place a plane (player) and run the mission. If I choose a ground template (like static template airport batumi blue ( not really the correct name) i does not work. I can save the file, but if I try to reopen, the file does not appear in the list, it is on the HD though, but 0 KB. I did disable all mods and did run the repair (on steam... check files blabla)... strange isn't it?
  3. Hey All, I struggle with a problem with the mission editor and the use of static templates. After loading a static template, I can't run the mission. I get asked to save, but, no matter if I do or do not save the mission, the editor window stays open and the mission does not load. Any Ideas??? I believe the issue appeared long ago, so I don't think it came with the last update. I run the last open beta version. Thank for any ideas and help in advanced.... Edge
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