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  1. Looking forward to this next evolution of the World. Been here from the original release of Blackshark and have enjoyed the journey so far. Thanks for the update.
  2. We were testing the UH-1H together with Combined Arms and when one of the guys started firing the M270 MLRS. He got of a couple of missiles when suddenly the the single unit started to fire by it self and spraying out hundreds of missiles resulting in the server becoming unplayable due to the number of missiles flying around, warping and lag etc. We restarted the server and the same artillery spamming occurred with the Paladin M109A6. The Paladin was firing its canon at a rate like a gatling gun. In both cases clients were playing first person in the affected unit. We had two ground command
  3. Is there a way for to change the invisibility flag to false if a MP JTAC moves outside a trigger zone?
  4. Thanks Nate I'm beginning to get a feel for the trimming in BS2. With FD and a little adjustment to my trim technique I'm getting the response i expect.
  5. I also get the pitch up upon releasing the trim button on my MS FFB2 when running BS2. The joystick trims as it should, i.e. stays in place both physically as well as the virtual one but the shark behaves as if i reset trim when running a non-FFB joystick. Trim is correctly mapped. Currently running without FFB until a workaround can be identified.
  6. I found this link a while back. Hope it will help. http://realandsimulatedwars.yolasite.com/dcs-black-shark-tactics-primer.php
  7. In a way the AT-802U would be a logical addition since it would be a great test bed for evaluating the 2-seater concept in the DCS universe without having to develop too many complex subsystems like the Apache would require.
  8. Running with labels off makes the game/simulator both more frustrating but also much more rewarding.
  9. Just hope the dude that preaching the end of the world on saturday is not correct :megalol:
  10. Thanks for the fantastic work 2010. Happy New Year. M
  11. Serial # : 001317 Location: Helsingborg, Sweden
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