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  1. Thanks for the comment! Sorry for my late reply to it work has been busy. It is nice to have people who actually RIO weighing in on this as this idea directly affects you. Especially as we look forward to the apache(GIB).
  2. The appeal seems limited to you. I know several people who would pay right now to ride in an aircraft. We don't know the cost so constantly saying it costs too much is just you assuming that it would cost too much. Iceman doesn't work in MP so he is not helpful to a RIO. Many many aircraft are about to come out that are multicrew and they are going to be empty. This is a great way to introduce new players get them in where they can learn the game get the sim bug and join.
  3. If you are flying them yes, but if you purchased the mod and cant fly because there is no pilot on you might regret spending that money.
  4. I believe the last sale was $65 which I was fine paying as the pilot but the guy who was going to just RIO thought it was a little steep considering he would only play it when I was flying the 14
  5. Personal experiences are important and it totally sucks that your friends have not jumped in with you. I have had the opposite experience. I recently rented the F-14 and my friend and the reason I created this post was my RIO. At first he didn't know much of anything so we would let jester power up the back then he would jump in. Luckily I am a bad pilot so after several deaths he was able to learn the cold start, but we were having fun doing it. Made it a much less frustrating experience when your laughing and dying because your missiles won't come off the rack. I have friends that are interested that I am also trying to get in when a sale is on and maybe I will share your experience then. Yes and we have looked at that thanks for the link! Problem still remains as fun as my friend had sitting in the RIO seat, $80 USD is a lot of money to spend when you only plan to RIO and have no interest in flying the aircraft.
  6. Unfortunately we can have the specifics on numbers. However that is ED's job to figure out if it's feasible. My hope with this post was more to gage interest and hope ED have a look at this.
  7. That's also interesting. Personally I don't like to pay dcs unless I have at least an hour usually two. It is rare for me to pay less than 1 hour in a session, unless something breaks.
  8. I would say we go for that middle we cold start on a through the inferno, which is a great way to train. I also love the rescue missions, ready for that blackhawk mod lol.
  9. I believe there is an iceman ai that will fly in SP. I don't really know anything about that AI, or how it works. My two weeks of renting the 14, my buddy Rio'd for me the entire time... I don't even know how jester works. We only use quick action because we have guys who only have 30 min to play after putting the kids down and we don't want to exclude them. I think with the rts updates we will see more quick action servers, because they can be made better. If there was a $20 rio package I would have already gifted a couple of them, to try and get my buddies interested. I can't gift them a plane because they don't want to fly and don't want to learn right now. They do want to pew pew though .
  10. That's actually some really interesting information, as I have never played in a hard-core server. My friends and I host a private server with through the inferno maps loaded. You are usually over target within 5-10 min of takeoff. Then again do new pilots who are learning their aircraft join on those missions or do only experienced pilots come in?
  11. Awesome! Thanks for the personal anecdote to substantiate the post. I think fully crewed aircraft adds a level of immersion and fun to missions. Also I think it would bring more people into the game.
  12. That is a great point and thank you for the reference material. Do you think people don't use the crew seats because they are like you and I where we would rather be flying and since we own the module why not fly? Or, because a lack of interest in the second seat. I feel like because we are so specific with our market the backseaters might not have a license to sit there which makes a confirmation bias. What are your thoughts? I think that is a pretty good stab at it. I have no idea either how it would shake out and the costs. I personally know 3 people that would buy Rio seats for at least 1 aircraft. That purchase in turn would encourage me to buy a full license for 2 more aircraft so I can fly them. Remember it's not just the sales of the rio seat that are factored but how many full licenses are sold because you can now 2 seat a plane you didn't want to buy because ai.
  13. Kinda a strange rule. However, without mentioning the name again, did you find that system made the game more accessible to more players? Did it make the game better? Looking at other games is important. No need to reinvent the wheel, no need to suffer the same mistakes or miss out on successes because you only focus on what you're doing. Really appreciate everyone commenting and having this discussion. I'm out of town and trying to post from my phone which is hit or miss.
  14. I agree with that point but we are looking at different pricing models. The only way to buy far cry is to pay for the game. DCS is more modular where you can pick your poison so to speak. People can already play DCS in just ground vehicles, without ever touching an aircraft. The guy who wants to RIO will probably end up just driving tanks most of the time when the RTS elements are implemented because he doesn't care to fly.
  15. Oh Ok I see what you mean. That could be a blocker for some. I only play on one server so I just always keep current with that, plus I find the Beta is usually pretty stable anyhow so we just run that.
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