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  1. Why not putting it out there mission by mission? Would hapily pay for smaller parts
  2. It happens to me too every time, flew about 6 times already and am ready to toss it aside and don't want to pick it up anymore. After the touch and go I am just waiting for the termination right after the climb out and the first turn, which I know is coming. I hate it because it takes a long time to get to that point every time and it is very straining to keep focusing on the HUD all the time while in bad weather.
  3. Hi I am new to DCS and am learning to fly the A-10CII. I have been flying around now for a couple of weeks and yesterday was brave enough to srtart the Georgian Hammer campaign. During the 3rd mission I got some bullits up my ()*ss and returned to ask the ground crew for a repair. I asked for ground power so I did not have to fully shut down and start up again, but forgot to release ground power upon heading out again. Once I returned from the second turn I went to park and wanted to fully shut down, but the electric systems were not shutting down and it turned out they were still
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