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  1. I manually updated on the 10th, but I believe what I installed was a preview version of that build.
  2. Perhaps I should have said: "Am I the only one who can get this to work?" I'm using the wmr beta, getting good performance, and making use of the new fov slider.
  3. I think in the latest beta I'm finally seeing a performance improvement from the MSAA mask control. I loaded up a hornet cold start on the supercarrier so it's really obvious what is and is not getting anti aliased. I found a value of .32 worked really well with my g2, and anything beyond that and you were getting to the extremes of the lenses where things start to get a bit blurry anyway. The lowest value is .1 so even with the slider at its minimum there is a significant portion of the screen getting anti-aliased. As I ramped the slider up and down I saw an fps improvement of around 10%.
  4. Has anyone else been able to get this working? I've been able to use the latest beta with my G2, and I feel like I am getting good performance. I uninstalled WMR, updated to the latest windows 10 preview, then reinstalled the latest WMR and the SteamVR for WMR beta that everyone is having issues with. I wonder if the difference is that I disable all motion smoothing both in the WMR settings and the steam per game settings. It may be placebo (I don't think that it is) but I set the steamVR fov to 70% and I feel like I am getting a sharper image with less aliasing and w
  5. I've been flying with your test summer textures combined with Taz's dark trees and it really looks fantastic. It has a un-hyped, natural look to it. I've been flying with the VR optimization shaders and a gamma of 1.6. Nice work!
  6. I uninstalled wmr, updated to the latest windows preview, then reinstalled wmr and the steamVR beta. It’s working fine for me, but I don’t use motion smoothing.
  7. I wonder if this has something to do with the MSAA mask. You can adjust that mask down so that you have no MSAA applied, but it doesn't come with a performance improvement. I wonder if that is related to the way that you don't see any MSAA but still see the performance drop as if it was working.
  8. I had been using the old 446 driver for a while and finally update. Can't say I noticed a change.
  9. I'm going to take a complete shot in the dark and assume that the clouds are rendered in a different buffer, and the quality control is a voxel resolution control, which is also probably somehow tied to your screen resolution. It looks like for VR the voxel resolution is defaulting to a low value. It also sounds like people are having edge aliasing issues in 2D when using certain monitor resolutions. It's a new toy.
  10. I just did a couple of quick flights in the f5 around Nevada and The Caucasus using a g2 and a rtx2070. I ran into many of the issues that others have reported. Clouds were very low detail, aliased at their lower edges, and bounced a bit on the horizon. I briefly turned on SSAO and didn't see any visual differences but did see a performance hit, so it was doing something. Prior to the 2.7 update I was running a cockpit shadow mod, flat shadow removal, the modified version of the experimental VR shaders, and well as some visual mods that had no impact on performance. For
  11. I haven't had a chance to test with 2.7 yet. But prior to 2.7 I was able to get a good image and useable frame rate of > 45fps with an overclocked 2070. You will probably need to lower the super sample resolution a bit and then adjust the settings until you get an image that you like an acceptable frame rate. The 1080 is a more common card and seems to have similar performance to the 2070.
  12. Have you tried emptying the fxo and metashaders2 directories in the "Saved Games" folder? The saved games folder doesn't get cleaned up as part of a fresh install.
  13. I'm new to reshade. Has anyone tried to install new shaders in conjunction with this? Is this a way to get access to some newer Anti Aliasing tech?
  14. I finally got around to trying out my VR cover. I have the stock gasket, the 3dWard printed gasket from ebay, and now the vr cover. I found the stock gasket to pinch the sides of my head way too much. I had to clamp the thing to my face to get my eyes anywhere near the lenses, and even still it was like looking through a snorkel mask. I didn't have sweet spot issues but it greatly limited the fov. I found the soft material of the pad very comfortable. The 3dward gasket is much more comfortable for me; it doesn't pinch my face at all on the sides and I don't feel lik
  15. Having done plenty of image editing over the years, I was not expecting the results to be this dramatic. It's like a film has been removed from the lenses. Like others have said, sharpening does not help the shimmer. If anything, the sharpening works on contrasty areas where shimmer is going to be a problem. The higher quality an image you feed the sharpening algorithm, the better the result. I used to run my DCS gamma at around 1.5, but doing so didn't leave me a lot of room for color corrections. To adjust the color I set the gamma back up to 2.1 and made very slight
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