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  1. Most of the weapons carried by the Mi-24P have been present in the sim for quite a long time. As a result of this their 3D/2D quality has started to fall behind (some worse than others, compare B-8V20A to UB-32A for example). I'm wondering if ED is planning to redo the visuals of all weapons planned for the Hind. I think we can take for granted that ED will rework the UB-32A since its model is archaic, but I'm not too sure about slightly newer models like the B-8V20A or 9M114 Shturm. I'm hoping for all weapons to be updated to the higher standard of the Mi-24P.
  2. Jun

    Subtitles for AI

    Just noticed you can already hear the AI speak in this video. You can faintly hear him call out "три тысячи" through PilotMi8's audio at 1:47:20.
  3. That would be really disappointing. I hope this might be a translation error. People had been asking for troop embark/disembark to be animated in the past, developing this would be a core DCS thing. Troop transport in DCS is currently just simple scripting and I don't see why they would skip such a key feature.
  4. Timestamps for those who don't speak Russian: 1:23:46 - Showing external model 1:25:33 - Showing various elements of the pilot and copilot cockpits 1:46:38 - Hind takes flight 1:47:18 - Rockets engagements 1:49:25 - Gun low rate of fire 1:51:42 - Gun high rate of fire
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