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  1. After deleting the fxo file and cheking integrity, the problem was gone. Sorry for my bad.
  2. Today I ran the training mission of su-25t and found that the trees at some view looked abnormal.
  3. The default terrain grounds shadows kills fps very much at low altitude above the forest. And I find that DCS tends to render these shadows at lower resolution if I fly away from them, so there must be a way to change their resolution when I fly close to them, and it is not difficult for ED team to create new options for default terrain ground shadows, such as "low, medium and high".
  4. Today I run the first training lesson of the Su-25T in the latest DCS 2.5.6 openbeta on a new installed windows 10 with new installed DCS. I discover that the CPU fan rpm is not stable and that is because the CPU usage is not stable. So the CPU fan is causing very decent noise. Turning on the vsync in game on, regardless of the unsteady CPU usage, the fps is fixed at 60 with no stutter. Concerning that there is no optimization for DCS in multi-threading, I am so confused. Sorry for so poor English.
  5. Presently only the Russian version is available. Possible for the English edition in the future?
  6. I have noticed that ED calls their next version big update "DCS 2.7". It is strange concerning that these updates are not from the root.
  7. Presently the presets can only be custom 1,2,3. So if it is possible to change their name to such as "for single plyer", "for multiplyer", and "for screenshot" in the future?
  8. DCS World 2.5 in 1080P with 4X MSAA is full of aliasing for my 24 inch screen. While SSAA is too GPU suffered, so is there any possibility for MSAA 8X to come back?
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