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  1. As the title says, most of the time running at the cap 80 FPS of the Rift S, but then these random freezes happen and when flying close to the ground it feels like an eternity. I have downgraded my preload radius from max to half without gaining any improvement. These freezes dont happen when playing in 2D. Running DCS latest openbeta standalone version. Specs: SSD 32gb ram 2933hz i7 7700k 4.8hz RTX 3080
  2. thanks I didnt think about checking youtube.
  3. I'm still trying to decide which module to buy by using trials, but wasnt able to find the duration of the current sale, any info?
  4. maybe the clean up and the repair did some good, I also deleted fxo and metashader folders, I played about an hour without problems, still need further testing, thanks for the help so far.
  5. I just did a cleanup followed by a slow repair, still no headtracking.dll in there but I'll test the gameplay for a while and see what happens
  6. There was no headtracking.dll in there, I also searched for "tracking" and trackir just in case, nothing.
  7. T1600 with the throttle and pedals, and a streamdeck. Ive been playing like this for months now.
  8. could anyone help? Crashed three times already flying the F18 while playing in the hoggit server dcs.20210521-232410.crash dcs.log
  9. It opens up on the very corner of the screen and for those 32:9 monitors its just annoying.
  10. When I landed the fire handle was still out but pushed in before requesting repair yes it had a small fuel leak and after the repair I refueled
  11. so today in the hoggit server I got hit and my right engine caught fire, I then extinguished it, landed, repaired. When it was time to start the plane back I just couldn't. I'd hear the APU spool up, but then spool down moments after, and when putting the throttle on idle nothing happened, I doubled checked all my switches and fuel and everything seemed fine, what could it be and how to deal with it?
  12. Nice that works!! Once again the community saves the day.
  13. I just started having this problem, have had a StreamDeck for a while. Ive read the comments here but not sure what to do? I have to delete DCS-export? But where is it? also what is that F16C_50.lua file should I download and put it somewhere? Edit: I found a DCS-export folder in ...\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts do I delete the whole folder?
  14. Having a voice controlled ATC would be the next step towards great immersion, this is highly desirable.
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