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  1. Hello, new F16C owner here, former A10C and FA18C simmer. I just wanted to know the overall opinion of the users on having to manually align the mav with the TGP. I'm not a fan, I think its a frustrating mechanic, despite of it being correct to real life or not. Even if doing the boresight alignement when on the ground, some times you have nothing to lock on, and if you do you'd have to stop in the taxiway/ramp blocking people behind you. And in the air, well for me personally its difficult, if you're too far you wont get any lock so you cant hit BRSG to ali
  2. Are you talking about the IR Mavs? the 65D? Apparently you have to calibrate it by manually locking the TGP and Mav to the same target and hit BRSG in the Mav display.
  3. What settings to you recommend then? This is my current settings.
  4. Yeah seems like I had page file set to manual to a hard drive that was almost full, havent had any crash since putting settings back to default.
  5. Has been happening way to often in the last 3 weeks. After the crash not even a error pop up appears, funny thing is that discord also crashes when DCS crash. dcs.log
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