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  1. I would also like be put on the list for the collective. I am in no rush so take all the time you need. Though would it be alright if I pm you some questions?
  2. Hey Toriy, thank you for the advice. I checked the air gauge and it was good, and i fiddled with the air valve. no luck. However, I believe I found the solution. Prior to my testing and trying to resolve this, whenever I would restart the engine I would prime the cylinders several times and could never get the engine to start. I think I was flooding the engine or inducing hydro shock. I tried restarting twice today WITHOUT priming the cylinders, and the yak started both times without problems. It should be noted that I did prime the main line to get the fuel pressure where it needed to be, but again, I did not prime the cylinders. I am not sure if this will help anybody else, but I am happy that I have learned this, it was such a simple solution that had me stumped for days.
  3. Sorry to necro this. But I recently got the yak and have run into this same issue i think. I take off, and land at a different airport, taxi and park, and then shut down for refuelling and repairs (if needed, which is usual so far). once I am refuelled and all that I go through start up and the engine wont start, it will not turn over. I am not sure if I have missed a step or what but I have been really scratching my head over it. every time I try to restart the engine I run into this issue. I am hoping that somebody here can help me out with a solution.
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