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  1. Wow, that's fantastic! Enviado desde mi SM-A105FN mediante Tapatalk
  2. Many thanks for your comments, I'll take a deep insight on the link. For sure there will be a lot of useful information. Furthermore, great pics!
  3. I've added a LCD screen and two additional push buttons. The main goal is to include a timer to help me in the IFR procedures. The LCD screen uses the I2C bus and both buttons are digital inputs directly controlled by the Arduino Micro.
  4. Finally I have added the analog inputs. There are 6 analog axis, three with linear pots (located at the left) and three more with rotary pots (at the right) The enclosure has been created with a 3D printer
  5. Many thanks for your comments, two more picture during the development process The circuit is based on two SN74150 16:1 multiplexer, they allow to access 32 inputs with just only 5 digital lines, thus it is possible to maintain some other pins for a future expansion.
  6. Links to the updates: - Initial setup: Current post - 1st update: Added 6 analog axis - 2nd uptade: Added a LCD screen + two control buttons ----------------------------------------------------------- Hello everybody, I would like to show you my first button box. It is based on an Arduino Micro Pro board and the Arduino Joystick Library from Heironimus It is composed by 4 rotary encoders, 4 toggle switches (ON-ON), and 16 push buttons. It is also prepared to add 6 analog axis. It is made by cheap 3mm plywood, and covered by a
  7. Wow, this is amazing! Congrats! Enviado desde mi SM-A105FN mediante Tapatalk
  8. Many thanks for the images and explanation! Enviado desde mi SM-A105FN mediante Tapatalk
  9. have you any pic or video?? just to get an idea of the oled and buttons layout
  10. My suggestion is to try with any other Oled display library and finally without the IRQ Serial option. In my opinion the Oled library is doing something that could affect the interruptions Enviado desde mi SM-A105FN mediante Tapatalk
  11. I mean inside the DCS-Bios function
  12. are you obtaining any output in the OLED screen? or it just remains black?
  13. Hi, I have used successfully the NodeMCU board with DCS-BIOS, the only thing to take care with is to use the "DCSBIOS_DEFAULT_SERIAL" option instead the IRQ I don't know if there is any strange issue behind, but at least it works. I'm looking a cheap board with the maximum program memory available as my plan is to create a generic panel able to be used with different planes.
  14. Muchas gracias, espero que en breve tenga la destreza para poder lanzarme a otro módulo con más "chicha"
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