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  1. For example, in a 1vs1 battle between red and blue forces, the red army can only have one player, and so does the blue army, other players cannot enter this area, even if you click on the plane, it is invalid.
  2. How to set the editor in an area, for example, there are 10 aircrafts in the area, only one character can be selected by one player, and the player who chooses first can use it first. After the selection, other aircraft players can't choose any more. Can the editor do this? thank!
  3. 編輯器如何設定1個區域裡(譬如該區域有10架飛機),只能由1位玩家選取1個角色(飛機)),先選的玩家先使用. 當選取之後其他的角色(飛機)其他玩家就無法選取。 編輯器能做到這樣嗎? 感謝!
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