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  1. Having same issue - how could that happen? Any chance for a hotfix?
  2. Agreed. The workflow with fiddling around is not perfect yet - but definitely overall very good usability. Tried LGBs, GBU-38 and MAV. Worked flawless so far.
  3. Yea :) They changed the logic on current Open Beta and undesignate works different there. I am on OpenBeta ;)
  4. True, but only for one targeting plan (T001). The logic in stepping acts very strange when trying to step to another weapon station on another targeting plan (T002, T003 etc.). Sometimes it steps correctly to next station, sometimes it steps backwards to targeting plan (T001) and then automatically overwrites the GPS-data of that station. I suppose, by pressing STEP, the current GPS-data gets automatically injected on the current station. This is a problem, with more than 2 JDAMS. So in the current logic and using more than 2 JDAMS, it is necessary to undesignate after designating the
  5. Would be interesting to know if the recent open beta build is correct in terms of usability in real life. I highly doubt it. If I would design the logic as a pilot, it would make sense to: 1: point FLIR over the target then depress to store the coords on the selected jdam 2: switch to next jdam (coords should be empty by default) and just point FLIR over the next target and depress to store the coords into the selected jdam 3: repeat for other jdams Simply as that, would it make sense?
  6. Go to: DCS World (Main Folder) / Mods / aircraft / FA-18C / Cockpit / Scripts / TEWS / device / CMDS_ALE47.lua Edit the file with Notepad++ or other than Windows Notepad. You find the Pograms MAN1 to MAN5. MAN6 is the wall dispense button function. I use the MAN6 for the wall dispense button for 2x flare and MAN1-MAN5 for different chaff-programs (1 to 5 cycles).
  7. Situation: Hornet with 1x MAV E and 1x MAV F loaded for ground strike, starting mid air. Both missiles were fully aligned at the beginning (see track files). When firing the MAV F first, the MAV E gets an additional align-time and after finishing alignment, the missile won't lock the laser any more (the laser marking is still recognized). Code 1688 was set. [Track: MAV_E-not_working.trk] When firing the MAV E first, the MAV F gets an additional 3m align-time but works afterwards. [Track: MAV_E-working.trk) Having 2x MAV E and shooting after each other works as intended with no ali
  8. True true. Kind of a mess with the TGP and other bugs. Unbelievable it went into Stable...
  9. In another thread it was posted by astazou:
  10. Can confirm, shadows (low/med/high) have about 30-40% gpu-load impact on my GPU (RTX2070 Super) on the SC when viewing the island. Needs fixing.
  11. Having same difficulties getting EGIW almost every time. No matter what I do - i also tested not touching the throttle at all before hitting the deck. Very frustrating when trying to improve and not finding the error.
  12. True. The Shadow Option alone from Flat-Only to Low/Med/High difference is about 30-40% load on my GPU (RTX2070Super). So if you have no buffer (maxed out GPU load), your FPS will drop in that margin of 30-40%. Pretty hefty and needs adressing for sue.
  13. Having the same problem with the FA-18 especially since launch of that module - other modules have the same weird behavior but not that heavy (degrading fps). I figured out, if you make a little break (5-10 minutes) and still stay in game, it gets back to normal fps. I gave ED a track of my finding - they couldn't reproduce. I tried this two different pc setups, still the same fps-degration. To extreme, you just need to roll the runway along (around 100 knots) and abort the start at the end of the runway, then do a 180 turn and repeat this. And finally after 4-5 runs over the runway, you
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