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  1. At least you get to keep your virtual bottle of wine.
  2. I am not an expert coder but I have coded. What is so hard about forcing the AI to abide by the same in-game physical limits that human gamers must follow? For example, if a human flown F-14B can only sustain a specific G turn before breaking up and losing all control, what is hard to code an AI-flown plane from doing the same?
  3. I feel your pain. A flight sim like DCS really does benefit from using TrackIR or VR. I was coping using the viewhat on my joystick. Once I got TrackIr though, I never looked back. The only thing keeping me from using VR is the relatively poor resolution and its value proposition. Once things have improved on the tech and pricing front for VR, I'll migrate to that platform.
  4. If you have VoiceAttack, then it's pretty good and not as immersion-breaking. It's not as perfect as a fully-automated AI RIO, but it's close enough if you assume that your RIO will blindly follow your voice orders.
  5. I hear you, bud. Corp IT are the unsung heroes. No one ever remembers they're around holding the company's tech infrastructure together with duct tape and shoestrings until something bad happens and all Hell breaks loose. It's only then, that the executive suite realizes that they shouldn't have been so cheap when they off-shored all the important IT roles to India....
  6. Your free DCS module from the game devs is in the mail LOL!
  7. Thanks for the tips! The one thing I do like about having my DCS modules on STEAM is that STEAM will refund purchases if a game dev screws up their game product or fails to support it. I know that has already happened to 1 or 2 DCS modules on STEAM. I would lose that protection if I moved my DCS modules to standalone.
  8. Wow! This is simply amazing! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing this with the community!
  9. Interesting test results. It's disappointing that heat blur only shows up depending on your starting mode (ground vs. air).
  10. To be honest, there are many gamers who prefer to play singleplayer and against the game's AI.
  11. Then I'm going blind. I'm still having trouble spotting aircraft out in the wild blue yonder....
  12. Great point about the guns-only dogfight between the MiG-15 and F-14B. One of the reasons I went guns-only was because it was too easy using missiles against the MiG.
  13. Could you point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to do this? I don't want to play DCS scanning for microscopic dots. Thanks. I'm not. I prefer to play on stable builds. Can't wait for these aircraft visibility changes to be released on a stable build. Thanks for giving me hope!
  14. In this Growling Sidewinder video, he has trouble seeing the enemy planes or his own flight's aircraft during Round 1. The aircraft are so hard to see that Growling is forced to ask his partner to pop off flares repeatedly so that he can 1) find him and the enemy aircraft to begin with; and 2) be able to tell friendly aircraft from enemy aircraft. I have heard some say that it's not a matter of seeing microscopic dots in the sky but having the sense to know where aircraft are in the first place. Well, Growling is an experienced DCS gamer for at least 2-3 years. If he ha
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