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  1. Yep, and the requirements for using this mod with that app have been explained at least twice, which you'd have known if you'd bothered to read before posting. Or if that was too much effort for you, you could have used the forum functionality to search this thread for a keyword such as "SkateZilla". Posts asking the same questions over and over are the ones that add nothing to threads and waste time and space. I won't apologise for my attitude, because I am sick and tired of people that are too lazy or too brainless to do anything for themselves these days, no matter how simple.
  2. Not being funny mate, but this is explained multiple times throughout this thread, including in the 3-4 posts directly above yours. Try reading before posting.
  3. The only way we have all the complexity and detail we have in DCS is because it uses it's own engine. Try to do that in a general game engine, especially one you didn't create yourself, and it just won't work. Right off the bat, for any added functionality for new systems you'll be waiting on the owner of the engine to do what you need done. Their priorities are not going to match with yours, especially for a general engine which is not specifically designed for flight simulations. And that's just problem one on an incredibly long list of other issues. Just because Unreal is capable of creating pretty graphics in a first-person-shooter does not mean it is any good for anything else, especially something with the complexity and scale of a flight simulation.
  4. Make sure you are starting the sim in SteamVR mode and that the files are in the right place. It definitely works on a Rift S because I tried it myself. Not worth the performance loss though, since the game runs much better in native Oculus mode.
  5. What difference does that make? Not everyone does the training missions. I'm one of them. I'd rather read up on the various Hind systems I don't know about than sit through a training mission which wastes time by including things I already know. I'm sure I'm not the only one. So if you know the answer then great, provide it, but no need to be a nob about it.
  6. Was there ever any resolution to this issue? I'm having something similar in that the in-game PD slider is being completely ignored. Regardless of whether it is set to 0.5 or 2.5, the image and performance remain the same, so nothing is being applied. I've even checked the options.lua file and have confirmed the setting is being saved, but it just isn't doing anything. I can set PD using Oculus Tray Tools without issue (although automatic profile activation is iffy with DCS now for some reason), but I don't get why the in-game slider is being ignored. Any ideas? I'm using a Rift S.
  7. It's a real shame that something like this isn't useable with native Oculus mode, because it has such a positive impact on both colour and clarity. Using SteamVR is a massive performance hit on Oculus headsets though, and while OpenComposite offers a boost for games that would normally be SteamVR-only, it's still a performance hit compared to native Oculus mode. Here's hoping someone figures out how to do it through Oculus one day... or perhaps that DCS will give us similar options on it's own. Yes. Just install it using JSGME or equivalent and you can install/uninstall it at will.
  8. Yeah, but when it's off in that video the fan blades look all... floppy. Are they made of soft rubber in real life too?
  9. Not sure why you're quoting me? I already tried 2.7 and, as stated, it currently looks like crap in VR including the new clouds. While you may enjoy playing a crappy looking beta while they work on it, I'd rather play a stable sim that looks decent and runs well. I know most people have no patience these days but I'm perfectly happy to wait until the stable release, at which point the most glaring issues should no longer exist.
  10. I see the same thing on buildings that are part of the maps, even ones with dedicated helipads. My guess is that decorative buildings use a very simple HP damage system, and that anything which causes HP to drop even by a point or two generates a "damage indicator"... in this case, an emitter showing fire and smoke. So perhaps the amount of damage required to produce an emitter needs to be raised. I can't say if very soft landings avoid this issue, because I'm rubbish so there's no such thing as a soft landing for me.
  11. Patience. Start DCS and then go do something else for a while. It needs to recompile the shaders the first time you start the sim with this installed (probably because of the 3D menu scene when using VR), and that can take a long time. We're not just talking 1-2 minutes here, we're talking perhaps 10. Then when you choose an aircraft and try to load a mission it will have to compile some more, which can take another 10+ minutes. The upside is that this only happens a few times, when you choose a new aircraft or terrain. After that the load times go back to normal.
  12. I guess I don't really see what you're saying... maybe it's too late and I'm too tired to understand? As mentioned, 120GB of "free space" is the requirement. It doesn't matter if your drive's total capacity is 120GB or 2TB like mine. If there is not 120GB of free, unoccupied storage space available then it doesn't meet the minimum requirements for DCS. You may still be able to install it if you don't install much content, and if DCS has room to download the files, unpack them, and put them in place... but no guarantees. Your idea of installing the sim elsewhere and moving the files might also work, but running a drive at it's absolute max capacity may lead to issues in itself. As others have said, the best bet is just to get a bigger drive. Small drives just don't cut it these days, with sims and games getting ever-larger as maps get bigger and graphics get better. The good news is that decent sized SSDs are a hell of a lot cheaper than they were even a couple of years ago. Keep your eyes open for a sale (I got mine in an Amazon sale) and you can get a couple of TB for a pretty reasonable price. It's money that could have gone on content or something I know, but the investment is worth it... you can never have enough storage!
  13. Nope. The minimum requirement is 120GB of "free disk space", not the total drive capacity. DCS actually weighs in at somewhat less than 120GB... for the base game. The more content you have, the more disk space you will need. For example, Syria alone is nearly 50GB installed. Persia is another 30+. So even with all my aircraft, removing those two DLC would make DCS 90GB total on my system. Windows 10 is only 20GB, so the total when combined with DCS + my aircraft - the extra maps would be 110GB. But that's not really relevant anyway because it's 120GB "free space" required, not "free+Windows".
  14. Because it's a way of changing the perceived "size" of the game world. Depending on your headset and your own physical proportions, the world can sometimes feel too big or small in some VR games, especially if your HMD does not have mechanical IPD adjustment. For me on my Rift S it's nearly always too small, despite my IPD being set correctly in the Oculus software. So a setting like this is super-helpful to get things to the right scale. I have it set to 55 in DCS. Depends on your headset, physical proportions, and how your HMD handles (or fails to handle) IPD adjustment. For me 55 sets the world to just about the correct scale. However, messing with that setting does nothing at all to help with the jittering clouds for me. To people saying that it's still "playable", sure, you can fly around, you can do missions, etc. But the jittering clouds look awful and are both distracting and immersion-breaking, so that is what makes it "unplayable" for people like me. But I'm happy enough to skip the beta and wait for the stable release, so no big deal.
  15. It is good fun, isn't it? The Huey was the reason I got into DCS in the first place, though my virtual hanger has grown a bit since then. I still have more hours in it than any other aircraft so far though.
  16. I kind of wish I hadn't found this thread. I gave it a go to see if the difference really was as big as people are saying, and it is. The ability to enable/disable the effect in real time shows just how much sharper the image is with this simple Reshade. And being able to tweak the brightness/contrast/saturation individually was also a welcome feature. The result was a much better looking DCS on my Rift S. But therein lies the problem... Rift S. Reshade does not work through Oculus alone, so to use this at all requires running DCS with SteamVR instead. Not only is performance worse on a Rift when using SteamVR rather than native Oculus mode, but it's even worse still given that I normally use OpenComposite too with it's accompanying performance boost. So now I have to choose between a nice clear view with crap performance, or what now feels like a horrible blurry view with reasonable performance. I was content with how DCS looked before I tried this, so I wish I could un-see the effect this tweak has!
  17. It's a no from me. I love the Huey but I can't see enough that could be done to it (that interests me personally) to justify more money.
  18. It's not just for extra buttons though, is it? If you can fly precisely and under full control using "floating" controllers that have no physical sensation of what position they are in, then my hat goes off to you. I can't though, and neither can anyone else I know. We need the "feel" of a stick/throttle to make the precise adjustments required to fly a chopper well without constant overcorrection. It also gives your hands something to rest on, so long flights are much less taxing than holding your arms up in space. As for even more peripherals, sure, most simmers would like to have the whole set, but owning a HOTAS doesn't force you to go any further. I've been flying for years with a HOTAS an no pedals, and it doesn't bother me at all. I'll get some one day, but I have no desperate need for them. Given that there are decent entry-level HOTAS controllers out there these days, and the difference one can make to both ability and enjoyment, I think a proper HOTAS is the way to go for any semi-serious virtual pilot.
  19. Have a read of Chuck's Guide for the Huey. He goes over the main functions you should have mapped to your HOTAS for easy access, among numerous other things. But to be honest, the Huey is so simple and old-school that I can map literally every control I will ever need (and some I don't) to my Thrustmaster HOTAS X + G27 H shifter box. And that's without even using a modifier button. You should have no issues at all with a Warthog.
  20. The M2000 is just over 2.5GB on my system. When I briefly tried 2.7 it downloaded an additional 36GB of data on top of what was already installed, but your mileage will vary depending on how much content you have installed. Personally, I would not recommend 2.7 beta in VR. The new clouds have too many issues and it ends up looking crap. Wait for the full release version instead.
  21. I might be experiencing the same thing. Recently I found performance degrading from mission to mission and had no idea why. On first load it would run smooth as silk but after a couple of missions I couldn't even move my head without getting lots of stutter, let alone manoeuvre a fighter jet. I updated to the 2.7 beta last night to see if it fixes the issue but haven't tried it yet. I'll make sure to try ejecting and external views to see if the cause is similar to your issue. Windows 10 Pro Intel Core i9 10850K 32GB RAM nVidia GeForce RTX 2060 Oculus Rift S
  22. I'll never understand why people ask what they should buy on a forum. Why would you blow good money on something because a few complete strangers told you to? Whatever you end up with will be their preference, not yours. If nothing you really want springs to mind when you see a sale, then you really should buy nothing and save your money for something else... something you genuinely want and may actually use.
  23. If nobody knows the answer then nobody knows the answer. It's not our fault, and asking ten times won't miraculously beam this knowledge into anyone's head. You'll just have to search for the answer elsewhere or do your own testing. But FYI, adjusting the NV mask works perfectly fine on my Rift S so it would seem the issue is on your end anyway.
  24. Speaking solely for myself, I avoid any forum threads, individual posts, videos, or whatever else that are written in ALL CAPS. I'm not blind so there is no need to "shout". If people want to draw attention to their topic or video, all they need to do is give it an informative, specific title which explains what it's about. Not ALL CAPS and not click-bait crap. People will see it and if it interests them, they'll click it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this, so it may explain your problem.
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