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  1. the flir can be hard to see sometimes. there is a contrast knob next to the night mode switch. try playing around with it until quality is acceptable to you. (also its SSS down/depress long)
  2. yeah thats what i came up with too. and there is literally no reason for you to know, what kind of iCommand's are still there to be used, if there is nowhere for it to be looked up. i would love those iCommand Inc/Dec for a lot of stuff as i am using rotary encoders instead of Pots or Rotary switches (that would stay in the mode you set them (even after being shot down and respawning)) and that would feel awkward for me.
  3. Do you have the barometic altimeter control knob working yet? we really need more Clockwise / CCW keybindings.
  4. all weapon behaviour (is it range or flight dynamics) is out of Razbam‘s hand. But you could try report this in ED bug section with performance datasheets showing how its overperforming.
  5. at night with the tpod i have brightness at ~25% (line to the left) and i press ‚day‘ to have the symbology readable
  6. the next mission is with laser guided bombs. (and to make it extra hard to miss your target your dropping on buildings ) but yes, with unguided bombs ccrp you are very unlikely to hit from higher than 10 k feet. but its not about hitting a training target in a training mission, its about learning the procedure (radio, comms, final heading) from your height there is stuff the plane cant calculate for you. like wind that is going to push the bomb off target. (also if you needed to score a hit you would ripple off 4 bombs and not one ) i would tot
  7. if i recall correctly in mission 2 you are supposed to drop unguided bombs CCRP on a talk on target. So there is no laser you can search for with your LST. he tells you by talk on, what your target is.
  8. i have tried both AGM65 versions we have yesterday (E and F) and i had no problems with them going RDY. make sure you wait for the rearm to be complete and dont taxi prematurely, or your Stores page will bug out and you get a WPN Fail
  9. make sure you rearm, we only have the AGM65-E or F version nowadays
  10. according to @RAZBAM_ELMO PR will release bomblets at 1.500 ft above sea level. OP will release them at 1.500 ft above ground level. so its recommended to drop in OP and at least 4000 - 7000 ft above the target
  11. if your talking about the letters i inserted from inkscape i always have problems with the letter ‚D‘
  12. your a lifesaver having to make all the text in inkscape and then add them as extrusion in fusion 360 always made this so bothersome
  13. iirc the Tarawa aint moving in this mission and your last waypoint should be close enough to actually see the ship. i didnt even bother with the atc frequencies as the tarawa atc is broken anyway (it thinks your a hornet)
  14. well coming from a truck i would assume fuel lines pulling air and being rendered unable to keep sucking in more fuel because the vacuum is lost. the only thing you can do as a truck driver is pull over and start venting the pipes by unscrewing deair screws in the fuel system while pumping in fuel by turning the engine with the starter until most of the air is gone and the engine finally manages to suck enough fuel to get the system running again. but thats just an assumption. what i did say in my first post is: that in dcs you will not be able to air start her back up if your
  15. if you empty your feeder while flying inverted the engine is dead. Air Start is not going to help. You can only land and repair at an airfield.
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