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  1. Nostalgia wise and hype wise, people are jumping on board. However I would argue the apache, while relatively exciting to the roterheads, doesnt really hit the mark for face melting. https://9apps.ooo/ Face melting should be something entirely unexpected, not a model upgrade from A to D. Facemelting would have been more like "Oh yeah, and here's a Tornado/Fullback/Cobra module preview. Enjoy." As it is, i'm not hyped for the Apache and also wouldnt be for the Cobra, Having a multicrew helo that more or less requires me to fly it with another person in order to use it effectively (Jester, i'm lookin at you) just doesnt sound fun, especially when I have to keep fiddling with things like hover and distance away from that rock 50 feet below me, it's already hard enough managing that in the KA-50 with DCS' multiplayer stability. I also realize that the multicrew argument could be made for either the Fullback or the Tornado, however you can put yourself into a much safer orbit of your target AO while fiddling with the AI's target sel ection. Only really dangerous aspect is enemy CAP flights jumping you, but for that, you have IRST and short range heaters with the space to maneuver. To close out, I am not interested in the AH-64, nor do I believe it should be the "Face-Melting" module they planned on releasing. Gimme a Tornado, or a Flanker, or hell, drop a Cobra from left field. That would have been face melting.
  2. So I know that the F-18 is still in early access and there bugs and features that have not yet been implemented on the RWR. However, when I fly and have the RWR on it does not make any sounds, no warnings or tones. I routerlogintries the volume knob but it has no function as of yet and the ALS-47 is on as well. It makes any dangerous engagement very hard with no audible tone. Is this just me or a problem with the jet?
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