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  1. Yesterday, I noticed that if I restart a mission (LShift + R) , the STD HDG is not available and I have to wait for the 9 minutes. If I quite the mission then relaunch it, the STD HDG is available !
  2. Yep this is explained in Chuck's Guide
  3. Thanks for this mod, trees now look great !
  4. It was a GTX1070 paired with a Ryzen 5 1600X and 16Gb of RAM. Well at that time it was a medium setup...
  5. @unlikely_spiderI can notice it's a bit less smooth than the 90 Hz settings but it's a kind of compromise I made. I really prefer the 60Hz mode to the 90/45 as I can bear the ghosting when at 45FPS. Seeing ghosting on a plane I'm trying to shoot is making me crazy ! With that hotfix you could maybe give it another go !
  6. Yep I noticed also a great performance boost. With the G2 I turn it at 60Hz and I can hold 60FPS everywhere ! Really happy about that !
  7. Hi all from France ! I tried DCS a while ago with a medium setup and a Rift CV1, the experience was not great so at this time I thought I would come back later with better hardware to run DCS. The time has come, I now have a new combo made of RTX3080, Ryzen 5 5600X and a Reverb G2. I'm not a specialist of flight sim, the last one I played was a long long time ago (I was 10 !!) and it was a 2nd world war sim I can't even remember the name ! With the end of the year sales I bought the F18 and the Nevada map. After struggling a bit to find correct settings to run all this well
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