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  1. I'm trying this tonight. Nice to see work on the Blackshark! Thanks!
  2. Wow, yea, I should think! I have an nVidia 760. I run 1080P to a 27" and then a 1280x1024 touchscreen (with Helios) right next to it. With SweetFX tweaked well and in-game AA at 4x I average 40fps. My ghetto rig: http://imgur.com/a/Vcz5G. Might want to look into disabling all antialiasing using your GFX card's interface. Set it to "Let the application decide." Then set your AA in-game. I found a nice improvement doing that. (source: )
  3. I find that Helios was more configurable than Hawgtouch but I did use both successfully and liked them both. With the powerful configuration capabilities of Helios comes a higher learning curve but I'm glad I climbed it. There's some solid profiles out there that if not suitable to you out-of-the-box will serve as a great template. I've considered the Saitek MFD's in the past but with Helios and my 1280x1024 touchscreen I can make my MFD's much bigger than the Saitek. I wouldn't turn down free ones mind you but I just don't need them with Helios. Check my sig if you want to see how I've implemented Helios into my "office."
  4. Fish, I know this is a terribly old thread but the magic of Google makes necrophilia cool and hip! Just the same, this BS radio reference is very helpful. Could I venture to guess that you have a reference for A10 too? I think you use VAC now but I would think the reference would still be valuable while setting it up too. If so, care to share? Thanks in advance and I love your videos!
  5. I think perhaps you're talking about two different things. The issue of exporting the displays is natively supported by the DCS application. It's a bit labor intensive and it takes some time to figure out but is totally doable. Here's a thread by IceMaker that explains it fairly exhaustively: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=70716 Helios doesn't do the display extraction, rather it provides a customizable overlay for those exported displays. See my signature for pictures of my Helios implementation. We need to establish your premise before we go any farther.
  6. I would also ensure that you're leaving Window's Aero display ENABLED. Disabling it can cause the very problem you're describing with respect to Helios.
  7. Indeed! Happy flying to you as well! In addition of course to anyone else whom may stumble upon this thread via good ol' Google!
  8. Nice write up Wild Bill! I enjoyed the read. We can never get too many of these. Did you also write it up over at SimHQ? If not, you should.
  9. Thanks Sarge. I did note your mention of that in another thread but didn't think we had any of that lying around my house. I was wrong. The wife did have a bottle of it in the laundry room so I decided to try it just now. However reading your last post you seem to indicate lubing up the metal shaft. In my case I haven't found that to be the source of the sticking. Rather I found it to be the conically shaped plastic piece that restrains the spring and its contact with the base. Plastic on plastic. Even though I was well pleased with my Turtle Wax results I tried out your suggestion as well. I lubed up the shaft as well as the plastic on plastic area. It really seems to work too. Good tip. Frankly the wax treatment worked great especially after a day or so (presumably after it fully hardened) so I didn't need to apply the fabric softener (all of this sounds crazy in the context of HOTAS doesn't it?) but tried it just the same. No ill effects. Here's an image showing the different areas I think we were referring to:
  10. Sounds like Guy's using a switch like the rockers on the base of the X-52 joysticks. If so there's no way to adjust their sensitivity either via SST. He might be SOL. Bummer cause after reading his idea, I wanted to do something similar.
  11. Well, thanks for taking the time to look into it. I'll play around a bit tonight perhaps too.
  12. I have struggled with this mightily over the years too and the X-52 PRO is worse than the standard X-52 (I have both and now just use the original X-52). Nothing I found worked well either and most lubricants I experimented made the problem worse. Much worse. To date, the best, readily available, off the shelf product to use that works pretty well is good old fashioned, Turtle Wax. I had pretty good results with tire shine products too but the Turtle Wax seems the best. I applied the Turtle Wax to the affected areas (where the plate meets the base) then let it set up for a few minutes while I had a smoke. When I came back I effectively buffed the wax off similar to how you'd do it on a car and to my relief it worked pretty damn good. Your mileage may vary but as far as I know it's harmless to try. Here's a couple of links to the products that have worked for me. Not sure if Turtle Wax is an international, household name like it is in the U.S. If you can't get this stuff then just get your hands on any old car waxing product that isn't in liquid form. Not because it won't work but because I haven't tried that. Turtle Wax Maguires Tire Shine
  13. You're a jerk and I hate you. Now I have to go through the rest of my work day; then the evening freezing my ass off playing in the snow with my kids until their bed time before I even get to double click the DCS World icon and try this one out. Fortunately for you, I took tomorrow off so I can indeed campaign away well into the wee hours of the night. Thus, you're forgiven. Carry on.
  14. I want to change the default skin used during instant actions and/or the training missions. With the exceptions of weekends (when I can settle in and fly a campaign) I find myself sneaking in a quick instant action mission before going to sleep. I would like to use one of the custom skins for those nights. I figured I could simply copy the skin files that I wanted into the folder containing the default skin but no joy. Now it's entirely possible that I buggered it up and overwrote the wrong skin. If so, which is the default skin? Otherwise, I simply don't know how to do this at all. How do you change the 'default' skin for the quickie style missions? Thanky in advance. :wallbash:
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